Friday, September 16, 2011

PERRY and Credibility

Perry strikes again in Newton Iowa.

This morning, in Newton , Iowa, a woman asked Perry if he had ever supported the bank bailout know as TARP:

Ricky P....." No, ma'am "

Woman......." I thought I saw a letter where you had written encouraging the support of TARP legislation " , she persisted.

Ricky P....." You saw wrong ."

Politico , of course, has the original letter, dated October 1, 2008, signed by Perry as RGA Chairman and cosigned with DGA Chairman , Joe Manchin

" Dear Majority Leader Reid,

As leaders of our respective organizations, we don't always see eye to eye on policy, but we come together today with one clear purpose. We strongly urge Congress to leave partisanship at the door and pass the economic recovery package...."

So, of course, Perry is lying again. But he will ask for a pass, because what he really meant to say was............( fill in the blank ). And he says, on camera, that the woman is mistaken.

Maybe he really isn't lying. maybe he is just slow. maybe he doesn't remember. After all, in Texas they destroy evidence within a week. maybe that's what he did at the RGA.

Anyway, this is on Politico and on You Tube


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Anonymous said...

Romney supported TARP too if I recall, but I don't think Romney is hiding his record like this.

BOSMAN said...

How do you spell LIAR?


Drumcp said...

I wonder if he forgot again! Actually he just forgot when he supported it! LOL... How do you spell LIAR, SLICK Perry! Also, what is he gonna say about Texas Unemployment record high today? Not my fault!

Ohio JOE said...

Exhibit A of why we need somebody other than either Mr. Perry and Mr. Romney. Both supported mandates and both supported TARP.

DanL said...

OJ, Palin supported TARP too.

DanL said...

About Perry, wow what a bald faced liar.

Anonymous said...

Lying S.o.S!!!! Not only did he support it, he begged for it! How can this man be trusted when he blatantly lies like this?


Terry said...

This is really shameful. Add this to the lie about Merck only giving $5000 when they gave him $30000, and you can see that the man is a serial liar and is to stupid to even care that people know.

Crystalf said...

I don't have a big problem with supporting TARP -- I didn't like how Obama applied the funds or handled the program but the funds are paid back. I DO have a problem with someone LIEING about it. Seems like everything Perry is FOR .. eventually he is AGAINST .. and then when caught in the lie, (insert sad puppydog eyes here) admits to his booboo ..

Noelle said...

This issue is not whether or not he supported TARP. The issue is his integrity, of which he has none.

IF we suffer the misfortune of nominating Perry, and IF we suffer the misfortune of having Perry win the presidency, we will be cursed with a corrupt and incompetent Republican, rather than an incompetent Democrat.

hamaca said...

Yes, all three supported TARP. I know that Mitt did not support the subsequent stimulus plan. I'm pretty sure Sarah did not either. Rick? He's pretty sure he didn't support it.

Ohio JOE said...

"OJ, Palin supported TARP too." Yes, as VP candidate, unfortunately, she did support TARP. One of her worst mistakes of her whole career. At least she recognizes that she made an error. She is not proud of her one episode where she failed to oppose cronyism.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Romney supported TARP 1 not TARP 2 and how Obama used those funds.

TARP1 was needed to stablize the econmy and the dollar. There was a risk that money in money market funds, which are always valued at $1.00 per share, would fall below that.

The funds were indeed paid back, so TARP was not a sham.

Perry's dishonesty about supporting it is troubling.

The guy is a loser.

Anonymous said...


Ohio JOE said...

"The funds were indeed paid back, so TARP was not a sham." Most of the money was paid back in the end. However, the way the scheme was administered to favor some banks over other banks was a sham. Further, the lack of confidence in the system by consumers has not been paid back yet.