Friday, September 16, 2011

FL Insider Poll: Romney Strongest

Fla Insider Poll: Mitt Romney seen as strongest candidate to beat Barack Obama in Florida
Florida’s most experienced political professionals are closely divided on whether Rick Perry or Mitt Romney will win Florida’s Republican presidential primary, but overwhelmingly they see Romney as the stronger candidate to beat Barack Obama in Florida.
More than 100 of Florida’s sharpest political minds participated in the latest St. Petersburg Times Florida Insider Poll - including campaign consultants, lobbyists, activists - and the results were striking: Two thirds of Democrats and two thirds of Republicans pegged Romney as the stronger general election candidate, though Republicans were considerably more confident than Democrats that Perry would win Florida’s crucial presidential primary early next year. Half the Republicans predicted Romney would win the primary and 41 percent predicted Perry. Among Democrats, 56 percent expected Perry to win the primary and 37 percent said Romney.
"Lets face it, Rick Perry is comfort food! Like pot roast, mashed potatoes, and extra gravy it feels good going down, then comes indigestion in the morning. Mitt is more of a balanced diet, high on vegetables, low on sweets, a recipe that is likely to win the blue ribbon on election day," said one Republican.
From a Democrat: "As a Democrat,Huntsman clearly scares me more than Romney (who I chose), but he's got as much chance of the nomination as Charlie Crist has being Republican of the Year. In the end, the GOP will get it right and pick Romney over Perry, when they figure out that Perry is just too crazy for a general election. If they do nominate Perry, Obama will almost certainly be reelected."
The survey included 54 Republicans, 43 Democrats and seven people not registered to either party. It was taken after last week’s debate in Tampa ...

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Luke said...

unfortunately for Romney the people are leaving the 'insiders' behind and supporting the 'outsiders' this time around (thank God). Ron Paul is polling 39% to 38% vs Obama now and gaining steam poll after poll. No other candidate reduces Obama's numbers that much. Yea that's right. This early in the race, with no 'insider' support, he is surging. America isn't listening to you any more insiders!

Terry said...

Insiders tend to look at all the data and possible outcomes.

I would trust their judgment over someone with a horse in the race.

Luke said...

You mean like when they said Bachmann was the front runner and Paul didn't stand a chance? Paul is stable in 3rd and growing steadily while Bachman continues to fizzle. Or maybe you mean back when they said Giuliani was the guy to beat before he tanked in 08? Or maybe you mean how they were so accurate on the Ames Iowa predictions before Paul essentially tied for first? Or how they mock his foreign policy while Paul recieved more donations from enlisted military than all other candidates combined? The data has Paul doing much better than the insiders report - no question.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Luke, I just don't buy your arguments. Paul's positions are not as popular as you keep saying they are. Not going to happen.