Monday, September 5, 2011

MItt Romney's Speech at the TEA Party Express

Mitt Romney spoke at a TEA Party Express event yesterday. I found a video of it on youtube, and thought I should share it.


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Anonymous said...

Damn these fakes! I warned if we let them into NH they'd push RINOs on us.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Romney's speech and I must say he did a pretty good job. He is much better than he was in '08. He only looked down at his notes on a couple of occasions and I wholeheartedly believe his love for our country. His jokes are even better...I liked the story about Arnold.

However, I will say that he is starting to look older but very statesmanlike...he looks like maybe his back was stiff? I don't know...but a good job.


Anonymous said...

i think he is moving pretty good considering when he was 19 he was in a head on car accident and was pronounced dead....i am sure he has many healed injuries from that.

personal injury attorney said...

I wonder what he did legally when he was 19 and had a car accident.

personal injury attorney los angeles said...

Romney's shine as a politician wouldn't necessary reflect on his early life.