Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mitt Romney on the hunt

Many Romney supporters disagreed with me when I said that Mitt Romney needs to get aggressive because many in the conservative media seem to be giving Perry a free pass on Immigration, cronyism, His stated views in his book including Social security, Homeland Security and the 17th Amendment to name a few.

It is clear that Fox News and other media outlets have refused or are at least very late in vetting Perry the way they have vetted Romney, Palin, Bachmann, and Gingrich. Romney is left with no other choice than to bring to the forefront Perry's less than conservative record in Texas as well as his CURRENT views as stated in his new book, 'Fed Up'.

Many pundits like Chris Cillizza, Peter Grier, Howard Kurtz, Beth Reinhard, Alex Roarty, Fred Barnes, Alexander Burns and Paul Burka are taking notice of Romney's new no nonsense approach and agree that it's winning him the debates.
Steve Duprey, a Republican National Committee member from New Hampshire who is unaligned in the race, said Tuesday, a day after a Republican presidential debate in Tampa, Fla., where Romney tested out his on-the-attack approach. "In a dominant fashion, he showed he could take and fend off Governor Perry's blows and at the same time deliver sound, hard-hitting policy criticisms of Governor Perry. After that debate, Romney looked strong. Perry looked dazed. (emphasis mine)

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Anonymous said...

thanks bos for another great article:)

Anonymous said...

I was watching the "The Five" today and we need to add Eric Bowling to the list of Fox personalities who gives Perry a pass for his not so conservative decisions (Gardisil and immigration). He is admittedly in the tank for Perry, but he and Dana Perino had a discussion on who was more conservative and Bowling argued it wasn't even close, the Perry's record is much more conservative. He even said that Romney is for cap and trade...Rush, Laura Ingraham have been just as bad. They propped up Perry so much they were stunned when he tanked in the last debate and explained away his awful night...