Monday, September 19, 2011

Jimmy Carter throws Republicans a Mitt Romney Curve Ball hoping it will be caught

I have to hand it to the lame stream media, getting former President Jimmy Carter to admit that he would like to see Mitt Romney as the GOP Presidential nominee. This is bound to get the juices flowing in the DIM-WITTED members of the Republican Party. You know, those folks who would vote for someone because they like what they say and have no clue about their actual record.

I can hear them all now, "Duh, this proves he's a RINO".

The reality is, Romney is the Republican Carter and the Democrats fear the most. What a better way to try and take the wind out of Romney's sails. The problem is, only a FOOL with an IQ of a mushroom would not be able to see through this for what it is. Now we Republicans aren't fools, right?

hahahaha! Maybe someone could get Al Gore to endorse Rick Perry:

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Troy said...

Steven Colbert already got Al Gore to endorse Rick Perry...kind of. Look it up it is a funny exchange.

Machtyn said...

The very first comment I read on the article on about this was a person saying exactly these words, "This proves Romney is a RINO."

Ben said...


The Colbert-Gore exchange is in Bosmans video above.

Also the fact that Bachmann worked at getting Carter elected.

Anonymous said...

Just go to The Blaze and you will find several GOP fools who will fall for this ploy.

I wish Mitts campaign would emphasize what it is like to be a Republican governor in a state where 85% of legislature were liberal Democrats verses a state like Texas where the Legislature majority is gun toting Republicans.

A legislature that is 85% liberal will result in less conservative legislation regardless of whether the governor is a conservative republican. That large of a majority would have veto power over the governor.

Mitt needs to spell this out in order to lose the RINO label that the fPerry people are trying to pin on him.

Ohio JOE said...

"Also the fact that Bachmann worked at getting Carter elected." Huh???

Anonymous said...


""Also the fact that Bachmann worked at getting Carter elected." Huh???"

Watch the video. Bachmann backed President Carter in her past life.

Machtyn said...

For reference of those of you who don't know, the funky image is the G-Man made weird by GaryMOD.

A little about the G-Man (link goes to G-man article)

The G-Man, or simply G-Man, is a key, yet mysterious and enigmatic character in the Half-Life series. Referred to as a "sinister interdimensional bureaucrat", he is known to display peculiar behavior and capabilities beyond that of a human and his identity and motives remain almost completely unexplained. He plays the role of an overseer and eventual employer, watching over Gordon Freeman and other characters as the series progresses.

Machtyn said...

The G-man also has an annoying snake-like lisp. (Not like the Harry Potter snake speak. ... or maybe like it, I don't remember exactly.)