Monday, September 19, 2011

We need Mitt Romney the "AXE MAN" in Washington

As I browse through various articles and their comments, I can't help but notice that when Mitt Romney and his time at Bain Capital come up, folks like to zero in on the few companies that Bain had to layoff folks in order to make the business more productive.

This of course was not the norm for Bain. The norm was to take on new or struggling companies and make them successful. Bain had many successes during Romney's leadership. Bain took one Office Supply company in Massachusetts and turned it into the Staples mega chain. Talk about job creation. Other successes were, Sports Authority, Toys-R-Us, Brookstone, Sealy, Accuride, and Domino's to name a few. I'm not going to go into Romney's time at Bain in this post. I've covered that before.

No, with this post, I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN!

I'll play along with the image of Romney that the Democrats and anti-Romney folks want to portrait. Romney, the blood thirsty, heartless, job slashing business man, that went into failed businesses, stripped away at them salvaging only what was good and profitable.

Keep that image of Romney in your mind while we think of sending THOSE SKILLS TO DC.

Would it be so bad to have a President who HATES INEFFICIENCY? Do you think there are any agencies in the federal Government that could benefit from being streamlined or eliminated?

Let me say to those who want to push THAT IMAGE of Romney, THANKS! Those skills are exactly what we need in DC. DON'T YOU THINK?

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Doug NYC GOP said...

Good idea, Bos. Romney should actually use this line of thinking, albeit in a humorous way, in a debate.

Makes a lot of sense if you get the silly populist schtick out the way.

Ben said...


What a brilliant angle for Romney to use when his opponents bring this up.

leighrow said...

That is what I have thought all along. I don't know how any Republican could find Mitt's business practices at Bain a negative. A successful venture capitalist like Mitt is trained to evaluate companies to find waste and inefficiencies in order to make them more efficient. How often do you see companies with redundant processes and high administrative burdens much like our Fed gov? A president who had the knowledge to lead efficiency efforts and perhaps introduce 6 sigma lean business practices into the Fed. Gov would be a MAJOR attribute. Mitt has a proven track record of turning companies around. Mitt is action not just talk.

CF said...

What's funny is the way Republicans attack Romney for letting businesses fail, and then attack Romney for (initially) supporting TARP so businesses wouldn't fail.

So which is it Republicans? Are you FOR or AGAINST free market capitalism?

Anonymous said...

CraigS. Excellent point.

Reminds me of Romney's speech to the veterans last month where he said it takes 25,000 bureaucrats to purchase 6 ships. To that kind of bloat and waste in government, "Let me at it!" he exclaims.

Mitt, sure hope you get your chance.!


Anonymous said...

I can't help wondering what a President Mitt would do with the Post Office. He certainly has a skill set that would probably come in handy there, as well.