Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Rick Perry looking to alter his image?

There is a rumor circulating that Rick Perry may be interested in participating as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

After his pathetic performance at the Fox-News-Google Debate the other night that received reviews like "Yikes"  and "Perry really did throw up all over himself". My feelings are that perhaps his handlers want to show a more relaxed and loose side of Perry.

He has already shown to have good instincts when it comes to a possible rap career and obviously, Perry has talent in that area:

But how many voters would he reach with that rap? Nah......Perry needs to go all out and if I were advising him, I think that dancing with the Stars is the way to go and boy can he dance:

So my question is, if you were Rick, Would you go for it?

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Anonymous said...

He can definitely dance. He may be more suited for that line of work.

Joe said...

Mitt Announces Florida Team - http://race42012.com/2011/09/27/romney-announces-florida-team/

Anonymous said...

I suppose that anything is better than the DUMMY and uninformed image that he his demonstrating now.

Ben said...

I love that rap video.

It actually makes what he really said that night much clearer.

He really is a buffoon.

Revolution 2012 said...


I love the way you are able to see through the Perry mystique and put him in his proper perspective.

Anonymous said...

Although I avoid Dancing with the Stars in general, I might be convinced to watch it should Rick Perry jump in. I bet he knows a few "cowboy" moves he learned in his days at Texas A&M where he was either a complete dunce or enjoying the entertainment offered at college, instead of studying.

Personally, I think he just wasn't applying himself. I think most people thought he had changed, but after watching his lackluster performance in the debates, I'm inclined to think that he still isn't applying himself.