Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GOP Presidential Debate from the Reagan Library (FULL VIDEO 09-07-11)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bos!

Anonymous said...

loved how romney tagged perry in the opening round. The al gore line and george bush reply to perry had me rolling.

Perry has an ego bigger than his head and romney put him in his place

Machtyn said...

It was a really good back and forth between Romney and Perry. I liked how Huntsman jumped in the fray, too.

However, as Mitt Romney stated, every state is different. In my biased opinion, Romney had a tougher go at it than the other two governors that enjoyed friendly senates and a history of friendly governors that laid the groundwork. Therefore, Romney not only has the private sector experience of turning things around, but he has the experience in the public sector to turn things around when those who should be on his side are likely fighting many of his desires. Mitt Romney has the ability to be President and bring real hope to Americans, in my so-so humble opinion.

I also enjoyed Newt Gingrich's taking the moderator to task about turning the group against each other. I think Newt knows he can't win, but he sure is doing his part to keep a Republican unity and has taken the moderators to task in the two debates I've been able to watch.

ConMan said...

Romney was great!

Anonymous said...

There were some really good answers and ideas presented on the stage. I believe Romney was the strongest in the debate, and that Perry did very poorly for a guy who is the nominal frontrunner at this time. Santorum had some strong answers. I didn't really like many of Michele Bachmann's answers, but she did okay.

Herman Cain also has some good ideas, but lacks the experience in government to run for President. I really hate to say that because I don't support career politicians, but Cain has no real understanding of government at all, which I think puts him at a disadvantage.

Ron Paul's answers are mostly crazy, but not everything he says is nonsense, LOL!!


Anonymous said...

I believe cain, santorum, maybe even newt will endorse romney once they fizzle

ellie said...

Will fox start calling Perry a 'weak' front runner now?