Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Has Texas Seen A Rise in New Jobs?


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Anonymous said...


Perry and his ACORN friends.

Joe said...

I sure wish this stuff would get out there.

Anonymous said...

Job Growth in Texas Since 2008 is all from the Public Sector - Read this article from US News:

Key Part:Total jobs. Texas: Up 0.7 percent since the beginning of
2008. U.S: Down 5.6 percent. Since the recession began, Texas has added
about 75,000 jobs, one of the few states with any job creation at all.
Overall, the U.S. economy has lost about 5.6 million jobs since then. Butnet job gains in Texas have come entirely from government hiring, whichaccounts for 115,000 new jobs over the past three years. The private sector in Texas shed about 40,000 jobs during that time.