Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rick Perry TV ad turning up in Iowa

He looks Happy?
A new so-called super PAC supporting a prospective Rick Perry presidential campaign is going up Monday in Iowa with a statewide television buy touting the Texas governor as “a better option” for president.

Jobs for Iowa is spending less than $40,000 for two week’s worth of air time on Fox News Channel in the state, a source familiar with the group told POLITICO. But the group is rumored to have the backing of wealthy Texas Republicans who have long supported Perry and are considering expanding the ad campaign to other states in the near future.

The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Bos, I love that picture. It always puts a big smile on my face.


Anonymous said...

boo....no to perry.....lots of minimum wage jobs and he has taken texas' spending from 40 to 90 billion...and has made texas a sanctuary state....common folks just admit that romney is the best and get behind him and lets' get BO out of office!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing all that wrong with Rick Perry, but the notion that he's a more conservative or more accomplished person than our current choices is just nonsense. The Guardasil requirement that he pushed by executive order was a blatant attack on the rights of parents to make important decisions for their children. The notion that teenagers will necessarily have sex is wrong. Likewise, signing the Texas DREAM Act was an insult to all of us who oppose illegal immigration.

Rick Perry isn't a bad guy, but he offers us nothing that we don't have in other candidates, and he's much less likely to win key swing states.

While Rick Perry sits in Texas enjoying having everyone flirting with him, Mitt Romney is campaigning across the country. Last week, Mr. Romney was in Ohio speaking at a plant and meeting regular citizens whose votes will decide the winner of Ohio and of the general election. If Rick Perry wants to be president, he needs to start making an effort to meet people across the country and not just in Iowa.

DanL said...

False advertising. No deficits under Perry? BS!

larry said...

He will sink faster than Gingrich if he jumps in.

I'm still not convinced he will. He may be posturing for the VP slot.

Anonymous said...


romney vs perry