Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry Is Not Quick On His Feet

This was painful to watch. Never mind where you stand on the issue. Rick Perry's inability to articulate a coherent response to a relatively simple question is glaring. It's no wonder he refused to debate his Democrat opponent leading up to the November 2010 election.

Here's the current debate schedule. I wonder when Gov. Perry will make his debut? As far as I know, he has yet to commit to one.

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BOSMAN said...


This guy obviously as a problem in unscripted formats.

THE WORSE fault for a debater.

I can see Perry now at the debates. He'll remember one or two blurbs for basic topics and parrot them out whether actually answering the question or not.

Closer To Home said...

So, getting as late as he has, does he have the ability to get much better, especially on NATIONAL issues. (KBH doesn't think so. She has no idea whether he has any notion of the national landscape, never heard him talk bout it.)

This Fall could be a lot of fun.

Closer To Home said...

Thsi will be a long season for Rick if he gets out-debated by Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

He's going to have to talk a lot faster in upcoming primary debates. He's so slow, it's pathetic. He's gonna bore people more than Yawnplenty. However, the faster he speaks, the likely he's going to say something incredibly stupid.

I cannot wait for the upcoming debate.


Anonymous said...

romney will stomp all over Perry and palin in a debate.


Right Wingnut said...


Based on your last comment, it sounds like you've conceded that Palin is probably running.

Anonymous said...

RWNut, if Palin does not run, I will give her kudos for endlessly holding her fan base on the edge of their seats! Boy, is she good at keeping her fans salivating! On the other hand, if she does get in, won't Fox be all atwitter and won't she be scrambling to get the $$bundlers together? Perhaps she already has and it's just secret.

Now, back to the video clip..........OH, MY!!! Was that pathetic or what?!?! Inarticulate and all over the place. It would be a tough question to answer, but he should be prepared. It doesn't project much confidence in a leader for sure. That he wouldn't debate his democratic opponent was probably only possible because of Obama being the WH and the backlash from that. He knew he would be safe.

I personally am looking for someone with a clear, succinct message & someone with character that doesn't use inappropriate language which would be inconsistent w/their supposed religious beliefs. I'm looking for someone,as I quote from another commentor elsewhere, "calm, organized, experienced and focused. Those are the qualities we need in a leader as opposed to yelling and angry. His honorable demeanor will bring back national as well as world wide respect for our President and this country. We do not need a six gun image. We need a focused and consistent leader who is calm under pressure and firm in his message."

Anonymous said...

Wow, I see Bush so much in Perry now. Scary how similar they are. Will that bode well for independents? I don't think so...

craigs said...

How the hell did this guy ever get a grade as high as a D + ???


Anonymous said...

I doubt she's running. But if she does the stupid thing, then she'll be stomped on too. Her poll numbers are dismal. All she has to run on is that HUGE ego of hers, and it's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

You know who could be described as """calm, organized, experienced and focused"""? Barack Obama. Think about it. Maybe other criteria might be in order?

As for this video, I must admit that was bad. I also saw the video of him on Jon Stewart and he lost the debate there too. Not to mention his "happy hands" he had in the video, which caused the audience to giggle at him for the weirdness of it all. TWICE!

Add his TV evangelist-used car salesmen speeches the last few days and seeing him twice this last week give a Paul Bunyon pose where he puts one foot on a stump and spreads his legs all machismo like and there is a bit of a phoney-creep factor going on with him.

With all that said, still might have to vote for him. What a weak freakin field.

Anonymous said...

OMG! If Palin gets in she will destroy Perry. Palin has been fighting for this country for the 3 years and knows everything that has been going on and where has Perry been?

Anonymous said...

Romney won’t even come close to trumping Palin or anybody in a debate.

You people seem to have forgotten. Palin was only on the national stage for 2 months as the VP pick.

McCain picked Palin on Aug. 28 and the VP debate was Oct 2nd. Palin had only ONE month to study-up on everything McCain, Biden, Obama, and everything else going on with a hostile MSM breathing down her throat. Just think of it, ONE month and she still had to campaign and do fundraisers for the GOP along with a convention speech thrown in there as well. I say with the enormous pressure that she was under that she handled herself well in that debate.

Palin now has almost 3 years under her belt. She has grown so much in the way she sees the world. I say with do respect and with a smile, let the games begin.

Palin will have no problem in the debates or definding her vision for restoring our country.

She may not get the nomination but is that what she really wants?