Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry Apparently Isn't Willing To Answer Questions About The Massive Texas State Debt

As evidenced by his rudeness to a University Of Iowa student, Rick Perry isn't interested in talking about his state's $215,000,000,000 debt.

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Anonymous said...

definitely rude especially putting his finger in the guys chest. Looking at how easily he gave up and walked away, how would he handle hecklers?

DanL said...

Rick Perry, "adios mofo."

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting link from abc news.......his "adios, mofo". (I didn't even know what it meant! Had to search it!)

It sure shows alot about Perry's character! Sure it was 6 years ago.......but......character is pretty well ingrained by then.

But he's sooooo religious.....????

Anonymous said...

Mitt has class. Rick is crass, as Martha said.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Mike. I didn't say that. I wish I did, though. LOL