Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Potential LIVE FEEDS Today! Two Mitt Romney Town Hall Meetings today (12PM EST & 5:30 PM EST)

There are 2 Mitt Romney Town Hall meetings today and one roundtable in NH. As of now, None are scheduled on the major networks as being broadcast through live feeds. Saying that, neither were the last ones that were broadcast through Right Speak.

I'm a believer in being safe than sorry, so I've posted both the schedules and the potential live feeds. CNN and Fox have been the best on these surprise broadcasts. Hopefully one or more of the feeds bellow will carry them. I will also be looking for others. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Romney will speak at a business roundtable at the Common Man in Claremont at 3 p.m as well as the 2 town halls.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying Bos. Maybe we'll have better luck later on.