Monday, August 15, 2011

LIVE FEED TODAY 12:00 PM EST! Mitt Romney Town Hall Meeting (08-15-11)

Mitt Romney is scheduled to hold a Town Hall Meeting (Forum on the Economy) at the Common Man in Plymouth, NH at 12:00 PM EST (NOON).

Many times these events don't start exactly on time due to technical difficulties, so be patient.

To view the event, click on "Mitt Romney 1" button under the photo below:

Note: I've also included 3 other feeds just in case channel 1 does not work.

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Noelle said...

Thanks for posting this. Feed seems to be working, and it's starting now.

Noelle said...

Okay, maybe not "starting" now, just doing mic checks.

BOSMAN said...

Hi Noelle,

C-span was supposed to cover it, but had no time. I happened to be checking the other feeds and there it was.

Ben said...

Thanks Bos.

Anonymous said...

"I don't question his love for America, I question his path for America."

That's a good line.


Anonymous said...

That was excellent. Compare that to Perry at the Lincoln Day Dinner. No comparison. I realize Perry is right out of the gate, but I don't think he could ever deliver this message, no matter how long he worked at it.

We need someone who is ready now.


Anonymous said...

this might be a dumb question, but how/can I listen to this after the fact?

BOSMAN said...

Hi Anon,

You'll have to wait for the video. IF one becomes available, I'll post it on RS.