Thursday, August 11, 2011

LIVE FEED: Fox News GOP Republican Debate (August 11, 8:45 PM EST)

Click on the POP-UP Buttons under the photo below:

PLEASE NOTE: At least 1 but perhaps all 3 of these feeds will work. On Channels 2&3, you may need to drag your mouse over the top of the player and choose the Debate feed from the menu if it does not display automatically on it's own. The feed should begin at 8:45 PM EST. The actual debate begins at 9:00 PM EST:


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Revolution 2012 said...

I'm looking forward to this tonight.

I'm hoping the Romney on the stoop speech is the Romney that shows up.

Anonymous said...

Watching the preshow on Fox reminds me of how much I hate that channel. I am so glad that I don't have cable any more. These four clowns are so anti Romney that I might as well be watching MSNBC.

BOSMAN said...

Loved the DOGFOOD answer by Mitt.