Thursday, August 11, 2011

Compare Romney's and Huckabee's Response to Hecklers

Watching Romney react to the leftist heckler in the crowd reminded me of how Huckabee handled his heckler quite differently.  As always, Mike Huckabee shows humility, quick wit, and optimism.  Mitt Romney needs to take a lesson from Huck.

Mike Huckabee responds to New Hampshire heckler

Mitt Romney responds to Iowa heckler


Anonymous said...

Yes. let's compare.

Huck's heckler made one, small, comment that can't even be understood in the video. Mitt's heckler wouldn't shut up, to the point where he was about to mobbed by the audience.

Mike responded with substanceless fluff aka Huck charm. Mitt responded with a concrete promise. And Mitt responded to the first heckler with actual facts and numbers.

Mitt got more of a cheer from the crowd for his response than Huck did for his.

If Mitt had brushed this off with some glib answer the way Mike did, then you and all the Mitt haters would have called him plastic. But since he got passionate (even in defending the heckler's right to heckle) and showed some fire, you take a different tack and insinuate that he is a jerk.

Face it, there is nothing that Mitt could ever do to win your vote. Your boy Huck isn't even in the race anymore, but you are still comparing him to Romney. I've left Huck alone, as has almost every Romney supporter, since Huck announced his non candidacy.

I know that you aren't enthused with the other candidates, I've seen you say so either here or at Race. But you are so obsessed with Romney that this race is no longer about supporting some other candidate that you feel is better, rathar, you are fixated on Romney and stopping him at all costs. Maybe you should pick another candidate and start extolling their virtues. Until then, you have nothing to offer to any discussion.


craigs said...

Huckabee handled it quite well.....and quite differently. But, I don't think Romney needs to learn anything from Huck. He not only handled the heckler( s ) but used the opportunity to emphasize some principles and some policy positions.
Together, they were both great responses. Make a good ticket, IMHO


GetReal said...

Nice one, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Nice comment DanL. I like it. Mitt was at least honest in comparison to Obama who makes promises he can't keep.

BOSMAN said...

Nothing like taken something out of context TC.

View the ENTIRE Romney 23 minute event HERE at the bottom of the thread.

I think it's Romney's BEST PERFORMANCE TO DATE.

I hope he enters tonight's debate with THE SAME ATTITUDE!

Anonymous said...

There's no question that Huck is great in front of a crowd, etc. He's very smooth.

But I think Romney did great here because he gave the right responses to the hecklers. I kind of wish he hadn't yelled so much, but I realize he had to, to be heard over the shouters.

At any rate, he's very ready to take on whatever happens in any given situation.

Noelle said...

I never liked Huckabee in the 2008 race, but I also thought he would have been a better nominee than McCain because he would have at least put up a fight. Huckabee is a very good speaker and is pretty smooth.

All that being said, I watched the Iowa soap box speech and its following Q&A. I thought Romney handled the situation with decorum. He respected the heckler enough to listen to his question, and provided the question with a substantive answer. Like Martha I kind of wished he wouldn't have yelled, but with all of the noise and chanting, he probably didn't have much choice.

Anonymous said...

i agree with dan and i am glad that he showed passion and conviction...all of what the far right is saying that he is lacking....not at all lacking in anything! he just knows how and when to be extreemly passionate and when to be more reserved. he is a great person through and through and respects everyone. all i hear from the far right when trump is spouting is they like the in your face attitude...well now you have it...and you can see mit can and will respectfully "go after" issues and stand his own like you have been calling him to do! geeezzzz!!!! come on...just admit that mitt is perfect for prez of the US right now and get over will make your life a lot less stressful!'re so right on!!!

TexasConservative said...

Too funny. DanL-a former Romney supporter who may still end up supporting Romney writes pieces pointing out Romney's flaws and that is A-ok. But I as a Huckabee supporter am not allowed to point out flaws.

Huckabee supporters are comparing each candidate to Huckabee and hoping to find their best match. Each of us liked Huckabee for a different reason, hence each will end up supporting someone else.

Each time I feel a sigh, that I might end up supporting Romney as my last viable alternative, I see things that he does that makes me pause.

His MIA on healthcare reform and the debt ceiling are the major red flags I see this cycle-shows lack of courage.

His flip flops on social conservative issues in the 2008 cycle showed his lack of conviction.

His shouting at the heckler and pointing his finger at him, and his running away from Norah O'Donnell at the fair and not answering her question shows his lack of skill.

I may end up supporting Romney. Who knows. But just like DanL, I have the right to post about what I think Romney lacks for POTUS.

You Romney supporters would be more convincing if you did not treat Romney as if he lacked any flaws.

Of course, each candidate lacks something-even Huckabee.

DanL said...

"Too funny. DanL-a former Romney supporter who may still end up supporting Romney writes pieces pointing out Romney's flaws and that is A-ok."

"You Romney supporters would be more convincing if you did not treat Romney as if he lacked any flaws."

OK then, great rebuttal. BTW, have you got a dog in the fight, or are you just looking to kick Romney?

Right Wingnut said...

Rather than saying, "if you don't like it, vote for somebody else," he would have been better served by articulating why we shouldn't raise taxes on the "rich." I'm sure some innocent bystanders would have learned something. I see it as a missed opportunity for Mitt.

By the way, Hot Air has a longer clip, with more hecklers.

Supposedly, is dispatching hecklers to these events. I don't suspect we'll see Mitt do another one of these.

Oh...according to Mitt, "corporations are people too." Coming soon to an a Democrat attack ad near you.

Conservatives 4AnyoneButObama said...

I haven't noticed TC posting anything but anti-Romney post since Huckabee retired.

Does that mean the other candidates don't have any flaws. How about Perry? Your from Texas, Your silence smells somewhat of support.

Right Wingnut said...


With all due respect, I don't think it's fair to tell TC she has nothing to offer to the discussion. For the longest time, you were on the fence. That didn't stop you from roasting Huckabee and Bachmann.

Doug NYC GOP said...

BOsman has the ENTIRE clipof the whole thing up. Romney remained poised and in control, even while getting fired up.

For some to assume Romney won't do anymore is wishful thinking. This is what candidates, REAL candidates do. Romney has dealt with his share of hecklers before and will again.

Iheard Karl Rove on Fox say this could turn out to be very beneficial for Romney. It shows passion and conviction, something all us Rombots knew he had.

DanL said...

RW, I was always a big fan of Daniels. When he didn't get in I had scramble to find a candidate. I eventually came back to Romney.

DanL said...

RW, and I should add that I have spread the criticism around on every candidate. Huntsman, Johnson, Bachmann, Romney, Huck, Palin (in ROS days). I can't remember if I have said anything about Perry, or if I have just left that to Bosman.

Revolution 2012 said...

I'm watching Cavuto and before that Meghan Kelly. All everyone is talking about is HOW WELL Romney did with the hecklers.

They're using words like passion, strong convictions, In control.

I can't wait for tonight.

I'm hoping the stoop speech Romney shows up.

Revolution 2012 said...

New segment starting about Romney today on Fox. The lead in was, Move over Chris Christie. Then they should Mitt putting the libturd in his place.

Nice buzz with the Debate tonight and Ames in 2 days.

Don't you think TC?

Revolution 2012 said...

Cavuto in closing, today Romney changed from vanila to rock road. Any we need rocky road!

Anonymous said...

Texas Conservative, you must be pulling for Perry. I've seen how he speak to liberals. And it reminds me of Mitt today. So I think you would be defending Perry if that was him on the stand. Please don't be a hypocrite.

Revolution 2012 said...


Will you post Huckabee's video on Cavuto PRAISING Romney's game changing performance today?

Ben said...

Pat Cadell told Cavuto that this was a 'Reagan grabbing the microphone' moment for Mitt.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I was thinking something a little earlier today myself.

Noelle said...

I rarely get a chance to say this but I'm too young, I don't remember the Reagan grabbing microphone moment. I have since heard of it, but I was too politically unaware back then.

TexasConservative said...

Oh no, Mike Huckabee and I agree to disagree. Huckabee was on Your World today with Neil Cavuto discussing the Iowa events.

Mike Huckabee said that "Mitt Romney had a great day today. The way he handled the situation was absolutely terrific."

See, I told ya my guy had flaws :wink:

TexasConservative said...

Anonymous, I am not pulling for Perry.

But is that you Bob? You forgot to add your name again.

Anonymous said...


I know Perry's not your favorite, and you know him much better than we do. It seems like you've been critical of him for years. Who are you leaning toward?


TexasConservative said...


I have to admit that I am not leaning toward anyone. But I am going to be watching the debate tonight to help push me one way or the other.