Thursday, August 4, 2011

Democratic Insiders INCREASINGLY fear ROMNEY

The opposition continues to tell us who they fear the most. All we have to do is read what they write. it's not " tea leaves "

"The Democratic Insiders View Romney as Obama's Main Threat

August 4, 2011 | 8:38 AM |
With the economy sputtering, Democratic political operatives view former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the main Republican threat to President Obama's reelection, according to this week's National Journal Political Insiders Poll.
Democratic Insiders see Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has not yet declared whether or not he will run for president, as the second strongest against Obama. A separate poll of Republican insiders, released Thursday, also showed Perry as Romney's main GOP challenger.
Who would be the Republicans' strongest presidential nominee in 2012?
(105 votes)
June 2011
(100 votes)
Mitt Romney 48% 27%
Rick Perry 20% 5%
Jon Huntsman 16% 25%
Chris Christie 6% 11%
Tim Pawlenty 6% 20%

Just two months ago, Democratic Insiders also saw Romney as the lead GOP challenger for Obama to overcome, but today, they sound like that hurdle is considerably higher. "He is the best counter to Obama," said one Democratic Insider of the former Massachusetts governor. "He is an executive while Obama was a legislator. Romney ran a company--Obama never made a payroll. Romney created jobs--unemployment is 9 percent-plus under Obama." Echoed another, "Strong business background in a bad economy is a plus for him, as is the Massachusetts health care plan in a general election." Added a third: "He forces Obama to defend the Democratic base states, and will be able to talk about the economy better than any other Republican."
Democrats also thought Romney had gained experience from his unsuccessful run for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination and that he could win over swing voters, unlike some of his Republican rivals. "Has run before, looks presidential and unlike others not a total turn off to Dems and independents," observed a Democratic Insider. "He's got economic credibility, he seems smart, he has a bit of polish and he doesn't seem like a complete loon," said another Democrat. "None of the others have that whole package."
Notice the trending from June. Romney led by 2 % in June. He now leads Perry by 28 %. He increased his polling by 21 % from June. Everybody else, but Perry, declined


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