Friday, August 19, 2011

Bank Of America Executive To Rick Perry: "We Will Help You Out"

The following is an exchange between Rick Perry and a Bank Of America executive at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in New Hampshire.

Now, in fairness to Perry, he realized this wasn't the time or place for this discussion, and quickly turned to greet some of the attendees. However, it does underscore the corrupt nature of politics.

What does Bank Of America expect in return for their support of Rick Perry?

The full video of the event can be viewed HERE


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Anonymous said...

Bank of America just lost a huge lawsuit regarding bad loans and loss mitigation's. BofA exec's are under the hammer right now, and rightly so. This is a gang that is involved with Dodd and his cronies with Fannie Mae loans. Mitt Romney would not give them the time of day. So, they go to the guys and gals they can purchase at bargin basement prices.

Very Shady. FEC, where are you?