Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Perry vs. The Romney Mandate

If Rick Perry decides to run for President, he will join Mitt Romney as a Governor who implemented a health care related mandate in their state.

Romney's goal was to get everyone insured in the state by making insurance available and affordable through the use of a combination of Massachusetts share of federal monies that were earmarked for hospitals and revenues from state user fees.

There was also a freerider problem in the state. Because of a law passed under President Reagan, hospitals nationwide were mandated to service ALL individuals regardless of insurance. Every time these voluntarily uninsured folks walked into an hospital emergency room without insurance, we tax payers picked up the tab through higher taxes and higher health care premiums. That practice stopped under Romney because now you are required to have health insurance in our state.

Perry on the other hand had a different kind of mandate. Perry signed an Executive Order that mandated that girls in Texas as young as 12 be immunized against Human papillomavirus, (HPV), which is the most common sexually transmitted sexual disease. The Texas Legislature later overturned his Executive Order. At the time, social conservatives were NOT happy saying that the vaccine would definitely encourage sexual promiscuity among teenagers.

Lets compare mandates:

The Massachusetts Health Care bill addressed the health care needs of the state and was and still is popular in Massachusetts. Perry's on the other hand assumed that girls as young as 12 were promiscuous in his state and that he and not parents should decide what should be put into their child's body. His plan caused outrage in his state and was later overturned by the Texas Legislature.

Both Romney and Perry believe in states rights. Perry trumpets the idea that each state should determine its own laws. (Just read his latest book). Isn’t that what Romney was essentially doing? It certainly was!

But is there a difference between a Governor working with his legislature to solve problems in his state and a Governor deciding on his own, that he knows best?

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Anonymous said...

Romney worked very hard to get the solution right, and then to get everyone on board. He respected the voters, the legislature, and the process.

Perry thumbed his nose at all three. Throw in the fact that the vaccine isn't safe, and that Perry had a financial interest, and you have to wonder why anyone would consider him for office at all.

This contrast certainly works to Romney's benefit. I hope Perry gets in. Romney will crush him like a bug. At this point, there's no one but Romney and Perry who can or should be the nominee.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo. There's no one but Romney or Pawlenty who can or should be the nominee. I'm not thrilled with Pawenty, but he's at least got some credibility.


Anonymous said...

Dictator vs Statesman

Evelio said...

In my house my daughter was always under supervision(my wife was a full time mother and housewife)until she was 18 and we sure didn't need anyone mandating me to vaccinate her for ANYTHING, let alone for any sexual disease.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Perry the article says the parent can opt out. I'm sure Perry will use that to blunt criticism from Romney.

PISSED from Texas said...

The could opt out Only on Religious beliefs. And that, had to be submitted by form and approved.

Not to many relions ban vaccines. So the opt out, WAS BOGUS!

Anonymous said...

In Oregon, we have an opt out that applies to not only religious but for philosophical objections. I used it. I don't know if Texas is the same, but why should a parent have to go through that nonsense in order to protect the child from an obtrusive government???

I keep wondering why Perry, or any gov would do such a thing as this? I really believe there is more to the story--financially.


Anonymous said...

well in fairness to romney, his HC plan was for the uninsured freeloaders, if you had your own HC than Romneycare didnt apply to you.

Anonymous said...

Perry is a PIG. To have made a mandate like that, his mind must have been in a gutter.

Ohio JOE said...

"if you had your own HC than Romneycare didnt apply to you." Expect now, it is more difficult to see a doctor should you really need to.

So you have mandates in Oregon too, Martha?

Texas Truthteller said...

The Texas anti-cancer vaccine in question was never to be forced on anyone, just available to girls who get state-paid-for immunizations. BUT it never took effect after public outcry. Perry let it die. As in, it never happened. To equate putting a vaccine on an existing list of state-paid-for vaccines for poor kids with Obamneycare is asinine.

Revolution 2012 said...

This will hurt Perry more than Romneycare could ever hurt Romney.

Anonymous said...

TexasTruther. You're saying Perry didn't sign an executive order mandating the vaccine for all girls in Texas? You're wrong. Thank heaven there was a public outcry. And it was not just for the girls who get free vaccines--it was a mandate for every girl.