Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not all battles are fought on the federal level

Ever since the New York Fiasco, with the exception of this past weekend, I have not given money to the national or State Party Headquarters nor have I pissed away my money on the GOP national Senatorial and Congressional Committees. However, I have donated money to PACs and individual candidates. I now have essentially given up on our national politicians. It appears that they would sooner debate head-aches and non-sense than to deal with out of control spending. So for the foreseeable future, most of what money I donate, I will give to people on the state level and fight there. Recently, I have donated to Mr. Walker (the great governor of Wisconsin and I have donated to Mr. Kapanke and Mr. Steitz. Mr. Kapanke is in a very difficult race to hang on to his 32nd District in western Wisconsin. Mr. Steitz is a Conservative who won the GOP primary yesterday in the 22nd District which is in the Southeast corner of the state. Mr. Steitz opponent in the general Special election buggered off to Rockford, IL rather than vote on a bill which gave the State the negotiating power in dealing with the out of control Teacher’s Unions.

A few months back, Wisconsin Unions organized its Teachers to walk off the job, march to the State Capitol so they could protest, carry on, trash the freaking place and turn it into a Pig Sty. Conservatives simply do not engage in such silly behavior. It is time to punish liberal Senators for their promotion of such behavior and time to try to protect Conservative Republicans who did their jobs and stood up against such non sense.

While, I am a resident of Ohio rather than Wisconsin, I stand by my Conservative Brethren in Wisconsin because if the Left can get away with these monkeyshines in Wisconsin, they will pull this crap in my state next. I will continue to look for Conservatives in Wisconsin over the next week to donate to, because we need to send a message to Americans in all 50 states that Union Thugery does not pay. I hope that all camps will help Mr. Walker, my own Governor and others fight against Union thugs and those that would take away our political and economic freedoms at the state level.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, OJ! Good for you.

(PS. Are you independently wealthy?)


BOSMAN said...

I agree, Great Post OJ.

I'm a little like you as to where my efforts usually are.

I'm heavily involved in Both MA and NH Politics.

I've stopped donating to the National Republican Party and have donated to State candidates and OF COURSE, Romney.

If Romney is the nominee, I'll put the National Republican Party back on my give list.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I hope you know my question was just joking. It seems like you donate a lot, that's all. I think that's great.


Ohio JOE said...

Well Martha, I am essentially in the middle class, but my living expenses are reasonable and I believe that I have somewhat of a Patriotic duty to give a little here and there where I can. Fortunately, there are various Americans that feel the same way, it is the only way that we can make a dent against the Unions and such characters. Thanks.

BTW Bosman, thanks also for promoting such candidates. Not every race will be won, but the good fight will be fought.