Friday, July 1, 2011

Mitt Romney's focus is Obama and Obama ONLY

The following is an excellent article that I believe NAILS Romney and his campaign's strategy for winning the White House. BE PRESIDENTIAL!

I challenge ANYONE to find even ONE ROMNEY CRITICISM against another Republican candidate for President in 2012. I'll save you some time, THERE AREN'T ANY!

As far as Romney is concerned in 2012, the "11 Commandment" is intact.

If you have any doubt, watch Romney's performance in the NH debate. Praise for his rivals, condemnation for Obama. I have to imagine Ronald Reagan looking down on Mitt with a smile on his face. As for the Article:
A candidate for president needs money, grass-roots support, establishment backing (or at least acquiescence) and a message. In 2008, Mitt Romney had everything but a message. He couldn’t decide whether he was Mr. Turnaround or Mr. Conservative. The incoherence amplified doubts about his sincerity on social issues, and it was one reason Romney failed to capture the imaginations of Republican voters.
This time around, Romney's found his message. His purposeful and unrelenting attacks on President Obama’s economic record are pitch-perfect. So far, Romney’s avoided the media’s social-issue snare traps. He also seems much more comfortable in his new role as economic critic in chief.
The full article is HERE.

Romney's NEW AD today, After his News Conference listed below:

Mitt on the Road: Allentown, PA

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cindy said...

This is why Romney will win.

When it comes to being Presidential, no one can touch him.

Anonymous said...

Great ad! Why can't Mark Levin see that Mitt is the best hope to unseat Obama and clean up after him??

larry said...

It shows once again that Romney is the adult in the room when it comes to the GOP candidates.

Ann said...

Mitt is really playing it a lot smarter this time around.

Just keep punding Obama on his weaknesses while reminding everyone it's your strength.

Terry said...

Romney's ads are much better this time around.

Anonymous said...

Did you read about Mitt denying he said Obama said he made the economy worse? Is that true? What is that about?