Friday, July 1, 2011

Mitt Romney Allentown PA News Conference (VIDEO 06-30-11)

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney criticized the President’s economic policies at the former site of Allentown Metal Works, a closed-down Pennsylvania factory which the President visited in December 2009 to highlight his economic stimulus plan.

“The President's a nice guy and I know he's trying, but he doesn't understand how the economy works," the former Massachusetts Governor said. "This President came here, called this a symbol of hope. It's a symbol of failure." The plant closed this past January.

The news conference was held about an hour from where the President was attending fundraisers in Philadelphia. “He’s here raising money for a campaign? He doesn’t even have a primary opponent. He’s going raise a billion dollars? We’re not going to raise anywhere near that kind of money,” Romney said.

Here is THE ENTIRE News Conference:

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tim said...

This news conference and political ad was a brilliant move by Romney.

They were talking about it all over the media.

cindy said...

Great news conference.

I'm glad Romney is focusing on Obama, jobs, and the economy.

larry said...

I like Romney when he's playing offense!

Terry said...

Thanks for posting this.

BTW, I liked you on facebook (-;