Monday, July 11, 2011

Mitt Romney Picks up cash and an endorsement in Oregon

The former Massachusetts governor is stumping for cash Monday in Portland, the heavily Democratic city that has helped that party dominate just about every statewide elected office in Oregon.....

.......The price tag in Portland is at least $1,000 per person. A reception and photo opportunity costs $2,500 per person.
The private fundraiser, hosted at the home of John and Kim Bradley, is not open to the public or the press. An invitation lists 30 individuals or couples as hosts, including state Rep. Sean Lindsay of Hillsboro and Rep. Kevin Cameron, the state House Republican leader, as well as former congressional candidates Rob Cornilles and Scott Bruun.

"My number one goal is I want to defeat Barack Obama, and I think Mitt Romney is the person most capable of beating him," said Lindsay, who added that Romney is not holding any public events while in Oregon.
The full story is HERE.

Romney picked up a big endorsement there today, Former U.S. Senator from Oregon Gordon Smith.

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Anonymous said...

Bosman, I hope this town hall is posted on RS eventually!


BOSMAN said...

Thanks Mike. If it is a live feed, I will post it.

Mitt's last 2 were not.

One way or the other, I'll get the video any way.

Ann said...

What are others doing in the fund raising department.

Are they as busy as Romney, or are they foolishly waiting for the money to come to them?