Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mitt Romney meets with current and former British Prime Ministers Cameron and Blair

Mitt Romney meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron
Mitt Romney has had a busy trip to London the past few days.

On Wednesday, he attended a fundraiser on his behalf.
Mitt Romney told reporters outside a lavish town house in the heart of the upscale Mayfair neighborhood on Wednesday evening that he was “meeting a few friends” while in London. The invitation from his campaign to attend an evening reception, on a street where a house was listed recently for $26 million, was more candid: “Suggested contribution to Romney for President: $2,500 per person.”
The event’s co-chairmen and co-chairwomen included the hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon, the New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and two dozen others, mostly drawn from London’s still-booming financial sector. The perfectly coiffed guests were deposited by a series of sleek limousines.
Romney also had a chance to meet with Tony Blair and other officials on Wednesday.
He met Wednesday with former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, as well as Britain’s minister of defense, Liam Fox, with whom, he said, he discussed “global affairs.”
Thursday looked busy as well:
A British government official who requested anonymity to discuss a private meeting said Mr. Romney would also be meeting with Britain’s national security adviser, Peter Ricketts, and other officials Thursday afternoon. Prime Minister David Cameron “might stop by,” the official said, though there were no concrete plans for the two men to meet.
Well we know today, that Romney did meet and have sit down time with Prime Minister Cameron.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear about Mitt FLIP FLOPPER Romney's big money donors and his vast personal wealth, I think of Charlie Crist R-Former Governor of Florida).

Crist had a sizable fund raising advantage over Marco Rubio and the Democrat combined, yet lost the Senate race in a resounding defeat.

For all the money that Mitt FLIP FLOPPER Romney will spend in the upcoming Presidential campaign, it will take a vote less than 1 cents, and less than 30 seconds to google the following search query: MITT ROMNEY"S FLIP FLOPS.

For another red penny, and 15 seconds the voter can go to youtube, and query MITT ROMNEY"S FLIP FLOPS and behold: the results will yield a video encyclopedia containing over 56,000 clips in the FLIP FLOPPER's own words.

Link to Mitt Romney's FLIP FLOPS from google:

Example: on Facebook where millions of voters now get their news, about 90% of viseo clips or news about Romney are about his flip flops. Last one trending on the tweeter feeds were three videos of Willard FLIP FLOPPING his statements as to whether Obama "made the recession worse."

That kind of publicity, no amount of money can buy in such a short period of time.

Just ask Honi Mubarrick, or Colonel Ghadaffi.

Anonymous said...

He governed AS A LIBERAL, because Mitt FLIP FLOP Romney is a liberal.

Here is the FLIP FLOPPER's liberal record in Taxachusetts:

1. Wrote and signed government run Obamneycare: a precursor to Obamacare.

2. Mandated the strictest gun control laws in the United States.

3. Signed into law homosexual marriage (so-called civil unions).

4. Levied the highest state taxes on Taxachusetts citizens.

5. Avoided military service by getting 6 deferrments (like the 60's loving peaceniks).

6. None of Romney's five sons served in our armed forces.

7. Passed and signed into law pro abortion legislation and mandated insurers cover it.

8. Signed into law tax increases manifesting themselves as fees, tolls, and excise.

9. Mandates in-state HMO's for all citizens with a health insurance policy in Taxachusetts.

10. Signed into law pro union contracts.

11. Sign into law, a bill designating Taxachusetts a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

BOSMAN said...


Hey Troll,

Do you think Cameron, Blair, Romney's donors, those who support him, those who choose him in polls, give a rats ass what you, Google, youtube,....etc say, report, or write about Romney?

Right Wingnut said...

Why Is anon a "troll?"

Do I detect a double standard here?


Right Wingnut said...

Say what you want about Palin, but if you dare to criticize Mitt, you're nothing but a TROLL!

Anonymous said...

Tell him RW, Im no Troll!!

Anonymous said...

Have not been over there in donkey's years, but I'll betcha the monkey's are flying over at C4P over this!!!


carlo said...


When are you going to post something on Palins visits with Cameron and Blair?.......Oh.....wait...

Revolution 2012 said...