Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mike Huckabee headed to Congress in Support of the Fair Tax

Even though Mike Huckabee is not in the GOP race for 2012, he is still standing firm and leading on the issues that were part of his 2008 platform.  On July 26th, Mike Huckabee heads to Congress to address the House Committee of Ways and Means on the Fair Tax.

Mike Huckabee conveyed this message via HuckPAC:
"Now is the time! As Americans give an unfair and growing amount of their paychecks to the Federal Government, our mission is clearer now more than ever:

Folks, it is time we put the IRS out of business.

Together we can accomplish this goal if we work hard to show to the Republican controlled House of Representatives during next week's hearing that an overwhelming number of Americans are behind the FairTax.

Then we must work together to elect another record number of candidates to Congress (House and Senate) next year who support the Fair Tax or who are willing to learn more about it and a Republican President who will sign this legislation.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fair Tax – let me briefly explain how it works.

You get rid of income tax.

You get rid of all the withholding.

You get rid of corporate taxes completely, totally. After all – those taxes are not really paid by the corporations. They're passed on to the customer with a 22 percent embedded tax in the system.

You eliminate that, which means the prices of what you purchase will go down.

You replace it with a 23 percent consumption tax. Now, that sounds expensive, but you only pay when you purchase something new, whether it's a product or a service.

Also, It's a completely transparent tax system.

It doesn't increase taxes. It's revenue neutral. It will bring business back to the United States that is leaving our shores – our current, complicated, unfair tax laws make it impossible for an American-based business to compete with lower tax structures in other countries.

Don’t tell me something this “sweeping” can’t be passed. With your help . . . it can – and it will.

I urge you to sign my petition of support for a FairTax Congress. Help us reach 100,000 signatures by July 25th at midnight. Why? So I can say when I testify about the FairTax before Congress, that over 100,000 Americans are standing with me today."

Back in January of this year, Mike Huckabee was on Follow the Money with Eric Bolling and addressed the concept of the Fair Tax:

January 26, 2011, the Fair Tax Act  H.R. 25 was introduced to congress. These House Representatives support the bill:

Sponsor: Robert Woodall, [GA] Tom Price, [GA] Dan Boren, [OK]
Steve King, [IA] Todd Akin, [MO] Brian Bilbray, [CA]
John Carter, [TX] Michael Conaway, [TX] John Duncan, [TN]
Virginia Foxx, [NC] Michael McCaul, [TX] Pete Olson, [TX]
Mac Thornberry,[TX] Tom Sullivan, [OK] Tom Gingrey, [GA]
Roscoe Bartlett, [MD] Don Young, [AK] Ander Crenshaw, [FL]
Lynn Westmoreland, [GA] Gus Bilirakis, [F]L Ted Poe, [TX]
Tom Graves, [GA] Jeff Miller, [FL] Randy Neugebauer, [TX]
Robert Wittman, [VA] Jack Kingston, [GA] Marlin Stutzman, [IN]
Jeff Flake, [AZ] Billy Long, [MO] Cliff Stearns, [FL]
Tim Walberg, [MI] Dennis Ross, [FL] Darrell Issa, [CA]
Mo Brooks, [AL] Richard. Nugent, [FL] Tim Scott, [SC]
Blake Farenthood, [TX] Jeff Duncan, [SC] Rob Bishop, [UT]
Mike Pence, [IN] Sandy Adams, [FL] John Mica, [FL]
Sue Myrick, [NC] Dan Burton, [IN] John Culberson, [TX]
James Lankford, [OK] Mike Pompeo, [KS] Gary G. Miller, [CA]
Paul Broun, [GA] Trent Franks, [AZ] Bob Gibbs, [OH]
Sam Graves, [MO] Lynn Jenkins, [KS] Frank Lucas, [OK]
Scott Rigell, [VA] David Roe, [TN]

The Fair Tax Act was also introduced in the senate as S 13

These Senators support the bill:

Sponsor: Saxby Chambliss, [GA] Richard Burr, [NC] Tom Coburn, [OK]
John Cornyn, [TX] Jim DeMint, [SC] James Inhofe, [OK]
Johnny Isakson, [GA] Richard Lugar, [IN] Jerry Moran, [KS]

If you are a supporter of the Fair Tax, I hope you will sign Mike Huckabee's Fair Tax petition.

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BOSMAN said...

Hi TC,

I have to admit to being an ignoramus in regards to the Fair Tax.

I've heard Romney say something like he'd like to see something like this instituted at a smaller (state?) level as a tryout. The problem with just jumping in nationwide is that you can't jump back out.

Right Wingnut said...

Flat tax would be better. My understanding is that a fair tax system still leaves too many people without any skin in the game, due to the rebate checks sent back to lower income earners. I want all income earners to have to pay SOMETHING. Having said that, I admit that I havent spent a lot of time looking into the issue.

Anonymous said...

tc is just going along with it because thats what huckabee and God told him to do.

Machtyn said...

I have heard pro and con arguments for both a flat and fair tax. However, the government gets its money it will influence business and people into certain ways of consuming.

The fair tax system is still a graduated system that hurts the wealthy. The flat tax system may unduly hurt the middle-class and/or poor. (For every dollar a poor man spends is a potentially empty dinner plate, not so for a wealthy man.)

I have not formed a strong position on any tax system. I certainly don't like the system as it is, but many tax prep companies, TurboTax especially, love the system. Would the will of the people be able to overpower the greasing of politicians by attorneys and accountants the nation-over?

TexasConservative said...

You may want to check out this video as well. Eric Bolling had a panel discussion regarding the Fair Tax:

Follow the Money Panel analyzes the Fair Tax

Anonymous said...

Machtyn, I think you have them backwards...the fair tax eliminates the IRS by eliminating income tax completely. The fair tax is a consumption tax...a national sales tax. The flat tax is just what it sounds like...every working American is taxed at the exact same percentage rate.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a paper in college about the flat tax. I hate to admit how many years ago that was! These tax debates have been ongoing. I think that there is little question that our tax system should be overhauled, but we have yet to see the President and Congress who will do it. It also directly affects businesses and the economy, so if we ever succeed in overhauling the tax system, we will need some brilliant maneuvering so we don't crumble our current economic system.