Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jon Huntsman: A Legend in his OWN MIND

I have to wonder about Jon Huntsman and his efforts to win the GOP nomination. The former Ambassador to China, former Governor of Utah, and Obama pal has spent time in the last few days trying to convince America what a great Governor of Utah he was and that his record is so much better than Mitt Romney's.

I don't no whether to file his claim under wishful thinking or just BS.

Now I'm not going to compare their records here, you can do that yourself on google. What I will offer, to throw the whammy to his claim, is the following.

PPP Polling, just came out with a poll yesterday with the following results from Jon Huntsman's HOME STATE of Utah:

Favorable/Unfavorable/Not sure:

Mitt Romney 83/13/4 (+70)
Jon Huntsman43/46/12 (-3)

For the GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 63%
Jon Huntsman 10%

Common sense would dictate that if you were a GREAT Governor of a state, that people would have a favorable opinion of you and faith in your leadership

The poll above shows that more people have an UNFAVORABLE opinion of him and ONLY 10% would support him for President. Now would you call that a rave review? Romney's only claim to fame in Utah is that he took over and successfully turned around the 2002 Winter Olympics there when they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Now how do the folks in Massachusetts feel about their former governor you ask? According to PPP, Mitt Romney on the other hand is well like in his state. As PPP put it yesterday:
Romney's performance in Utah is the strongest we've seen for any of the Republican candidates in any individual state. The best before now was Romney in Massachusetts, where he pulled 49%. 83% of primary voters see him favorably to only 13% with a negative opinion. (emphasis mine).
It looks like Romney is still VERY POPULAR in Massachusetts. Hardly an honor for someone who wasn't considered a good Governor.

So Jon, here's a little advise, you'd be better off going back to Utah and working on your image there. Maybe a little PR just to remind the folks in Utah what a GREAT Governor you were. Because, it looks like they forgot.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Huntsman is a Democratic plant. The hope was he'd peel votes away from Romney. That doesn't seem to be working.

larry said...

I agree. Huntsman is nothing more than an Obama shill.

Unless he's brain dead, he has to know that his campaign is going no where.

He'd get more support, if he ran as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

He's also a distant cousin of Romney's.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this is that Ellie is one of the 10 or so people in Utah who think that Huntsman was a great governor.


Cindy said...

It does seem odd that he is doing so poorly in a state that he claims he did a great job.

I have to agree Bosman. He looks foolish.

Anonymous said...

I know next to nothing about John Hunstman. However, I don't see any big red flags. No ethics violations, no stealing furniture or destroying hard drives. No 1000 clemencies. No Troopergate or quitting halfway through. I've never seen him accused of lying/corruption or ethical problems.

So I don't know what his record is, but he surely beats out a couple of other people we know. Maybe that's why Ellie doesn't have a low opinion of him.

Let's face it, Utah loves Mitt. Maybe they simply see the reality that Huntsman has no shot in 2012, rather John having a terrible record.

Maybe I'm wrong. Dan, I remember that you don't like him at all, but I can't remember the reasons.

IMO, there are only 3 people who are qualified to be POTUS right now: Romney, Pawlenty and Hunstman. Maybe Gingrich simply because of his experience going back so many years, but that's a stretch. Perry, I will begrudgingly admit, is better than the rest of the field.

Happily we have a great candidate who's leading. If not for Romney this field would be discouraging.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I actually live here. I think he was a decent gov. And your problem with that? Do I want him for Potus? No. But do I think he was this terrible gov? No.

Anonymous said...

my distaste for jon is how he has handled his jelousy toward mitt. how he acts like a spoiled brat and his narssisitic attitude. 1# when the olympics committee was looking for someone to head up a turn around. mitt and jon were on the same short list. jon thought for sure they would pick him so he smuggly said that he really didn't want the job. so they crossed him off the list! when mitt got it he threw a temper tantrum and that is when the ill feelings began to brew! before that disicion, the romney's and the huntsman's were good friends as they are distant relatives. #2 so...what does jon do? he butters up to mitt during the 2008 election campaign pretending to be working for mitt and supporting him....just to back stab mitt by gathering all the campaign stradigies and running to the mccain camp to spill all! #3 since then he has done every thing he can think of to be a weight on mitt's heels. WE ALREADY HAVE A PREZ THAT THINKS HIS POOP DOESN'T STINK! A PERSON THAT NO ONE CAN TRUST! I REALLY DON'T WANT ANOTHER BABY IN THE WH! i don't care if he comes across as a nice guy or even if he was a decend governor(which all my family that is from utah say he was not)i want an honorable leader! mitt is it! way above the rest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huntsman is a poor version of a spoiler.

Terry said...

Huntsman is going nowhere.