Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is Sarah Palin an AIRHEAD?

I've been inspired by Right Wingnut's posting of an animated video on Mitt Romney and his MA Health Care law.. He posted the video as some sort of proof that MA residents only get to see a doctor after extremely long waits. I responded to his post with this:
I live in Massachusetts. If I or anyone in my family get sick, we call my doctors office, and within a day or two, we see the doctor.

Maybe ONLY DUMMIES (like in the video) are having problems seeing their doctors in MA.

If you don't choose a primary care physician (Many idiots don't) and rely on clinics or hospitals, your wait time may be longer.

Hey RWN, if I decide to make a HOMEMADE video criticizing something about Palin or Alaska, Does that make it true?
There is a lot of speculation out there that the space between Sarah Palin's ears is just space. The following animation seems to confirm this by showing that Palin is an Idiot and that Bachmann is playing catch-up. Does The fact that the video exists and that I've posted it, MAKE IT TRUE? Because if it's that easy to discredit her, there's LOTS MORE!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you posted it Bos, it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, this is going to be a fun thread. Does anyone remember when Sarah won the coveted 2009 Liar of the Year award?

Non-native Alaskan said...

Sarah Palin and her family don't need to worry about health care costs in Alaska.

Because Todd is 1/4 native, he, his spouse, and children all get free health care paid by us non-native Alaskans.

Now this may not have been a law put into affect by Palin, but she sure as heck did nothing about this injustice.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin stated that during her childhood, she and her family used to cross the border from Alaska to take advantage of Canada's health care system is not really a gaffe or a verbal slip-up, but offers an interesting insight into Palin. It is not exactly surprising, or even"ironic," to use Palin's words, that somebody who has made a name, and a great deal of money, for herself by linking health care reform to some kind of socialist bogeyman, used to take advantage of socialized medicine.


BOSMAN said...

I didn't post this because I believe it. I posted this TO MAKE A POINT about information on the web. If you look hard enough, there is always something available to back-up anything you'd like to say about a candidate.

BTW, After Romney, and looking at what's left in the race (including Perry), Palin is looking pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Bos, That's because Romney is upper deck, the rest? just a grunch of wannabee vieing for second and even third place.

Funny video. I'm surprised they did not have the two of them fighting over who Jesus told to run.


Anonymous said...


Josh Painter said...

So Bob, "Upper Deck" must translate to being a statist who gave Mass. ObamaCare Lite and an opportunist who has flip flopped on most of the issues, right?

BOSMAN said...


I'm assuming you're talking to me no bobs here. But you can call me Bos.

Romney didn't give MA Obamacare lite, It was a MA ONLY plan first.

You know, 10th Amendment....listen to the people who voted you into office....address the needs of your state.....something only good governors do.

As to Obama, he took a state plan and shoved it down American's throats. Now if that's ok with you, and Obama has no blaim in this, and it's all Romney's fault, then that's your view. Which is not surprising coming from a staunch Palin supporter

As to Romney being an opportunist, is that like someone rolling up there sleeves and doing something in a state to address a problem that had never been addressed before?

ConMan said...

Bos 1
Josh 0

Anonymous said...

Air-head...a silly, foolish or unintelligent person. An insufferable show off but doesn't really know what she's talking about. Yep, that's our Sarah!


Ohio JOE said...

"You know, 10th Amendment....listen to the people who voted you into office." Yeah, but now the other 49 of us have it on steroids. Thanks.

larry said...


And Who's fault is that?

"WHO" pushed Obamacare down our throats?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Larry. OJ, Romney has said over and over.....MA's solution was for THEIR state (and, BTW, supported by the majority) and NOT for every other state. Each state needed to handle their own situation.

Come on,the "Obamacare" (he just happened to get it through) was ALWAYS in the works for the left....long before Romney was Gov. of MA! And having BOTH houses and the WH in the hands of the Dems.....they didn't "need" to listen to the "little people". Elections have consequences, you know!

Those who still are comparing and criticizing Romney over MA healthcare are "yapping" and distracting.


Anonymous said...

OJ, while your at it, what else is Romney responsible for?

9-11? The recession? Food prices? Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc?


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Anonymous said...

I have to say that vid was kinda funny.


Anonymous said...

Josh Painter,
So.... how bout that health care issue in AK? Oh that's right. Sheba, queen of the great north star, had FREE health care. And so did her family by virtue of her baggage handler being 1/4 (or is it 1/8?) Native?