Sunday, July 31, 2011

INTRADE: Mitt Romney back on top (07-30-11)

Last time I checked, the flavor of the month was ahead of Romney by almost 3 points. I would expect that Romney's numbers will continue to inch up over time. He has been at 28+ for quite some time now, while everyone else seems to fluctuate. Perry's numbers will continue to be erratic until he decides to get in or not. If he gets in, I would expect his numbers to settle below Romney.

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Intrade July 23, 2011
Intrade June 19, 2011

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larry said...

Once Perry declares, all his baggage will hit the spotlight.

Even Gingrich looks pure next to Perry.

TexasConservative said...

Surprised this was posted when Romney was only up by .4

And Romney is already down:

Perry 31.3
Romney 28.9

or depending which number one takes:

Perry 31.9
Romney 29.6