Friday, July 15, 2011

Democrats WHINE over Mitt Romney's PACS

This has to be my FEEL GOOD post of the day. Anything that gets a rise out of Democrats puts me in a great mood.

The Democrats have to be worried when they see ALL THE MONEY Romney and the Pro-Romney PACS are bringing in.

These Democratic CLOWNS know that when they do the math, Romney is a FUND RAISING HEAVYWEIGHT!

Consider this, Obama is THE ONLY Democrat running for President. WHO ELSE are the Democrats going to give to? So Obama makes out by DEFAULT!

Mitt Romney, on the other hand is ONE OF MANY candidates. and look at the money he is able to raise. Democrats know that once Romney is the nominee, he will be the full recipient of the Republican fund raising efforts. Not a great thought if you are President Obama.

So, let the WHINING BEGIN:
Democrats went on the attack Thursday against Mitt Romney’s elaborate system of state political-action committees, arguing in a complaint that the Republican candidate has exploited weak campaign-finance laws to improperly fund his presidential aspirations.
Campaign-finance experts on both sides of the aisle, however, said it is not clear that Democrats have much of a legal case.
A complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission by New Hampshire and Alabama Democrats alleges that Romney used PACs in those states as “shell operations” to fund a de facto presidential operation before declaring his candidacy. The Democrats also point to an Alabama news report alleging that the activities have continued in violation of federal law.
The rest of that story is HERE.

THESE BUMS can whine all they want and investigate until they're blue in the face (now that's a pleasant thought) and they won't find one single law that was broken.

It's called being creative. END OF STORY!

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Anonymous said...

haha nice one bos! these dang liberals will accuse romney of everything that even obama is doing. They complained when "friends" of romney created a superpac, yet obama has 3 of them. Sore losers

larry said...

Mitt is a threat and Democrats fear his fund raising abilities and friends like Meg Whitman, Koch Bros, and many others with deep pockets.