Friday, June 10, 2011

What you may not know about RICK PERRY

A big H/T to ThinkProgress for the following summary of what most people ( including me ) don't know about Rick Perry. I recognize this web site is probably a left leaning outlet looking for bombs to throw at Perry. But, it would be well to consider the following as indicative of the attacks to come on Perry if he jumps into the race. The contrasts on healthcare are particularly formidable:

1. Perry, in 2004, allowed the execution of an innocent man, Cameron Willingham, and then impeded an investigation into the whole matter, including firing and replacing three members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission.

2. Perry has called the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution " mistaken ". The 16th Amendment is the income tax amendment accounting for 45 % of all tax receipts. The 17th Amendment allows for direct election of U.S Senators, taking that right away from government.

3. Perry has argued that states should be able to opt out of Social Security and Medicaid

4. Texas is the leading polluter among states in the union, leading the nation on carbon dioxide emissions, but when the state was sued by the EPA for not meeting clean air standards, Perry sued the federal government. He also is a global warming critic who called the 2010 BP oil spill an " act of God ."

5. One in four children in Texas live below the poverty line. Perry cut $ 10 billion out of child support services even though Texas has a $ 8.2 Billion rainy day fund.

6. Perry was a critic of the TARP program, advocating Texas reject the money but used $ 2 billion of available highway funds even with a $ 27 billion budget deficit

7. Perry said that Texas might have to secede from the Union

8. Texas has the nation's worst uninsured health rate. More than 25 % of Texans lack health care coverage when the national average is 15 %. There are more uninsured residents in Texas than there are people in 33 states with an extraordinarily high level of uninsured children. Yet, Perry has been critical of Massachusetts health care program, even though Massachusetts is number one in the nation with the lowest uninsured healthcare rate around 2 %.

9. Perry has been a strong advocate of anti -gay legislation, even the Texas anti sodomy law that was struck down by George Bush's Supreme Court in 2003

Anyway, interesting and subjective commentary that we all need to become more familiar with if Perry comes out of the Mesquite



BOSMAN said...

If he gets in, folks will FLOCK to Romney in hopes of defeating any chances Perry may have for the nomination.

I don't think he did to well either when his name was mentioned as a 2012 GOP choice in the last Texas poll.

CF said...

Great list, but don't forget to add Perry's 2007 Gardasil scandal mandating preteen girls be vaccinated. This was HUGE.

Also, don't forget his mental illness executions.

hamaca said...

He supports in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Ohio JOE said...

1. That is too bad. I guess he has the reverse problem as Mr. Huckabee

2. He has a point there

3. BINGO!!!! Right on Mr. Perry

4. So What.

5. And that is Mr. Perry's fault?????

6. Good for him

7. Some day that might be so

8. Who cares?

9. No big deal

Pablo said...

well i was about to comment on this when OJ stole my thunder. Hilarious! All of these are positives in today's conservative movement. Having 25% uninsured in your state is a positive because it shows that Perry is sufficiently anti-Obama.

Up is down and down is up. It is bizarro world that OJ and company live in.

craigs said...

Yeah, Pablo
But that is the crux of the General Election problem. OJ believes, with the fervor of the self anointed,that there is some hidden majority who will buy into the conservative agenda completely and sweep the election in 2012, notwithstanding what happened in NY 26 and notwithstanding the Wisconsin backlash. All you have to do is be conservative enough and a great tidal wave will sweep us all to victory. Maybe.........
But the idea of the Governor of a state with 25 % uninsured,the highest of all 50 states,with high numbers of children with no healthcare......and business booming because of low social costs, is a nightmare from 1964. OJ hasn't seen this kind of fallout. I have. Goldwater had a great message in 1964 and blew his chances with over the top excess and rhetoric that scared everybody. Later, he knew it as well. Obama would destroy Perry , just as he would destroy Palin....with the Independent Middle . But guys like OJ just don't get it. They have top actually see it happen ...and then it's far too late


Anonymous said...

OJ, you scare me!


Massachusetts Conservative said...

What many Conservatives don't understand is that nominating a strict Conservative will lose the election to Obama.

Perry would get totally slaughtered against Obama.

Do you realize that 30% or more of the country is all independent? And most of them will not vote for Perry after hearing about his record and his uninsured rate.

He is good enough for me. But moderates and indies will never vote for him, and Obama will win re-election and destroy the country.

Ohio JOE said...

Hahaha, Mr. A. Gore said the same things against Mr. Bush with regards to Texas. Guess what? I never heard about President Gore. The funny thing is that we is a greater chance of there being a President Huckabee, President Trump or President Gingrich. In short you guys are excited about nothing. While can change, as things stand now, Mr. Perry is not even a 2nd tier candidate.

"What many Conservatives don't understand is that nominating a strict Conservative will lose the election to Obama." Mr. Perry is not a strict Conservative in the first place, the character that Craig painted does not exist in reality.