Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tim Pawlenty: Gimme Da Money

Fundraising is vital to a successful presidential bid, and the Republican 2012 hopefuls are already raking in cash to put toward their campaigns. But money equates to power in more than one way this early in the race: it means strength, and hopefully, support down the line.
....The money news won't be nearly as good for former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. The Pawlenty team is already downplaying expectations. But if Pawlenty trails the likes of Romney and Bachmann badly in the cash dash, he will be faced with questions about whether his campaign is already in trouble.
The full story is HERE.

Pawlenty's staff is already working for little of no money and rumors are flying that he is having a hard time keeping up with the bills especially in Iowa where he will need deep pockets to keep up with the other candidates. Them Iowan's like to be wined and dined!

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Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for the guy.

Doing all that campaigning, and nothing to show for it.

No Money 4 Tim said...

Why would anyone donate to his campaign when he has absolutely no chance of getting the nomination?

larry said...

Why settle for Romney lite when you can have Romney?

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't crow too much, Romney's fundraising for Q2 was pretty lousy.

Revolution 2012 said...


Romney's goal was $40 million by the end of summer. If he comes in at $20 million plus, he's on schedule.

More than $20 million NOW, and we can crow!

Anonymous said...

Rev, Romney's going to get blown out of the water by Obama, and Obama doesn't have to waste any money on a primary.

Revolution 2012 said...

The 40 million he hopes to make by the end of Sept is for the primary only.

Once a nominee is chosen by the GOP, the GOP has never been shy about giving money to the nominee.

Our nominee will be just as competitive as Obama in the money department,

Anonymous said...

hey dan,

stop doubting the man. it seems to me like your rooting for obama.

Anonymous said...

Gad to see you back, Dan!

It sounds like you might be happy for Romney to get blown out by Obama. Is that true? Are you supporting Pawlenty?

I think it's a shame he isn't doing better, because he's actually very qualified. To my mind, he is by far the best choice--besides Romney. Perry? a big no thanks! IMO, the rest of the field is bad, for various reasons. I don't think anyone should count Tim out just yet.


Anonymous said...

Martha, I only cam back for a day to see what, if any, response there would be here about Romney's abysmal Q2 numbers. I will be gone again soon enough.

I am not enthused about Pawlenty. The only candidate I was enthused with was Daniels. I will vote for Romney over Obama, but will cry for America. I am not rooting for Obama, just predicting that he will win. I will also predict that Romney will win the nomination, but lose rather badly in the general.