Thursday, June 30, 2011

McClatchy-Marist Poll: Romney and Perry most popular with Tea Party

I found some interesting results buried in the latest McClatchy-Marist Poll. It shows that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are the most popular 2012ers with the Tea Party:

Tea Party Support in General election-Registered voters: (Candidate/Obama/Undecided)

Mitt Romney 81/12/7 (+69)
Rick Perry 82/14/4 (+68)
Michele Bachman 80/13/7 (+67)
Rudy Giuliani 79/19/2 (+60)
Tim Pawlenty 66/19/15 (+47)
Sarah Palin 67/23/10 (+44)

Percentage Tea Party support for GOP Nomination:

Rick Perry 20%
Mitt Romney 17%
Sarah Palin 16%
Michele Bachmann 12%
Rudy Giuliani 6%
Tim Pawlenty 4%

Cross tabs can be viewed here (See Pages 11-19).

To see the rest of the Poll in which Romney won, go here.

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larry said...

This can't be, The Tea Party hates Romney.

I guess we can put that to rest.

TP4Mitt said...

Thanks for posting this information.

You won't hear about these findings on Fox or the other media outlets.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I just don't find poll questions regarding who the TP likes as compelling evidence for support by actual Tea Party groups since the Tea Party is as much a philosophical movement as it is an organization.

I am sure Romney has a lot of support from people who sympathize with ideology of the Tea Party movement.

If you call yourself a Republican but disagree with the basic tenets of the Tea Party...then you are definitely a Republican In Name Only.


Revolution 2012 said...


I agree. The problem has always been that these fringe TP leaders make broad statements that many would take that the TP as a whole, have a problem with Romney.

This poll suggests that those TP leaders are only speaking for themselves and not all their members.

Anonymous said...

Rev, I am not, or have I ever met one member of a Tea Party organization, yet I consider myself a member of the philosophy behind the Tea Party I am sure most other Republicans are...or should be.

My point really is that, since most Republicans are "members" of the they consider themselves members of the Tea Party...I DO. If a pollster called me and asked are you a member of the Tea Party or do you believe in the Tea Party philosophy, I would say YES. What I am saying is that it seems like a hocus pocus question that is not specific enough because there isn't one unified Tea Party but there is one unified philosophy. I just wonder what the results would be if the question was qualified as being an actual member of an actual Tea Party group...I think you might find that the numbers would change and Romney might not have the support from the Tea Party that these polls currently show.


I could be wrong.

I guarantee that Democrats are going to start saying they are members of the Tea Party and they support Obama...these polls are getting out of hand with the so many ways they can be manipulated and the Dims will do just that come closer to the election.


Anonymous said...

Jersey, poll after poll shows that people who consider themselves tea partiers like Romney. Palin is usually way down the list.

The so-called 'leaders' of the tea party don't like Romney--but they seem to be out of touch with their base. I think that's truly funny, for a movement that's supposed to be organic. Who do they think they are, telling tea partiers not to support Romney? Now, they are the appear to be the establishment they claim to hate.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

Martha, exactly