Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take off the Gloves: Bachmann Vs. Pawlenty in Iowa

Tim Pawlenty seems to be laying it on the line in Iowa. With Romney's announcement that he won't partake in the Ames Straw Poll, Pawlenty seems to be putting all his eggs in the Iowa Basket which for him and Michele Bachmann, is a MUST WIN.
Pawlenty, a former two-term governor, begins airing his first presidential campaign ad today in six key Iowa TV markets, including Des Moines.

Pawlenty staked his claim on Iowa early, meeting with people in small groups, hiring staff and opening a campaign office -- all keys to building the organization needed to get voters out to those caucuses on a cold, wintry night. He's made 25 visits to Iowa....
Bachmann, who was born in Iowa, has spent only 8 days in the state this year. She has however had a presence. She has been running several Web ads touting herself as a "constitutional conservative", but no tv ads as of yet.
"We're getting a little later start, but she's got the momentum to do well, the resources to do well and the message that really resonates with people," state Sen. Kent Sorenson, Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman, is quoted as saying.
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Anonymous said...

To get a perspective on % of uninsured in Minnesota vs MA. Maybe TP is hoping people won't look at the numbers??

Revolution 2012 said...

My guess is that Bachmann better get moving.

She needs to win hwe just as bad as Pawlenty does.

Ann said...

Does anyone think that Romney could still win Iowa by default?

Spenza said...

Ann, I believe that Mitt can win by default. There are too many candidates sharing the same target market, and Mitt will campaign there as well as participate in the Iowa debate.

If he does win Iowa, candidates will start dropping out instantly being that he will also win NH.