Friday, June 3, 2011

Rudy Giuliani slams Mitt Romney While in New Hamphire

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in town to weigh his presidential prospects, slammed the health care plan Mitt Romney signed as governor of Massachusetts.
The plan, he said, is “almost exactly the same” as the nationwide health care overhaul signed by President Barack Obama.
“Everybody running for president has a problem; that’s his problem,” Mr. Giuliani told reporters on the same day Mr. Romney was making his presidential run official at event 90 miles to the south. “The reality is that Obamacare and Romneycare are almost exactly the same, it’s not very helpful trying to distinguish them.”
The full story is HERE.

As Rudy puts in, "Everybody running for president has a problem"
That is SO.....SO.....TRUE!


Anonymous said...

I've always liked Rudy a lot, in spite of his shortcomings. I hope he doesn't disappoint me any further.

There is no need for this, unless he truly intends to run. Even then, I'm not so sure. The slams on MassCare are easy, but let's see some honest analysis from these critics/wannabe candidates.


Anonymous said...

i agree martha...wannabe candidates and gop candidates need to have more honest analysis...and saying that all and any madates is unconsitutial is a lie or they do not know the constitution...state mandates are consitutional as per the 10th ammendment...just because they don;t like them doesn't mean it is surpize....imo, he is very jelous of mitt....he didn't do a thing to try and help his citizens get health amazes me how all these governors that kicked the issue of health care down the road, not one idea from them...but they want to criticise someone who did.....wha wha wha....what kind of a leader keeps kicking the issues down the road?!!!cj

Anonymous said...

Rudy must have gone through the Sarah Palin Charm School, crash course.

corep said...

I think Rudy is a shrill for Palin at this point. Those two combined could make some mischief.

But i just dont think either of them run, and if they do Rudy will take the traditional route which will mean he has to be boots on the ground and his skipping the upcoming NH debate wont help him.

already there is backlash from NH against rudy and palin for not reaching out to leaders of the gop on their recent visits