Friday, June 3, 2011

PPP Polling: Romney closest of GOP To Obama in Iowa

49% of Iowans approve of the job Obama's doing to 45% who disapprove. He is very polarizing along party lines with 84% of Democrats giving him good marks while 86% of Republicans think he's doing a poor job. That's par for the course for his Iowa numbers. What has him in better shape is a +14 approval spread with independents (52/38), which represents a 23 point improvement from our April poll when it was -9 at 41/50.
Favorable/Unfavorable/Not sure:

Mitt Romney 35/47/18 (-12)
Tim Pawlenty 25/41/34 (-16)
Herman Cain 20/40/41 (-20)
Sarah Palin 29/63/8 (-34)
Newt Gingrich 19/63/18 (-44)

Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate/Undecided)

Mitt Romney 49/40/12 (-9)
Tim Pawlenty 49/37/14 (-12)
Herman Cain 50/32/18 (-18)
Sarah Palin 55/35/9 (-20)
Newt Gingrich 54/33/13 (-21)

If you are a Democrat, press 1. If a Republican, press 2. If you are an independent or identify with another party, press 3.

Democrat 37%
Republican 34%
Independent/Other 28%
PPP surveyed 1,387 Iowa voters from May 27th to 30th. The margin of error for the survey is +/-2.6%.
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