Monday, June 13, 2011

Romney Romps On Rudy - Ousts Mayor as Leader in New CNN Poll

Mitt Romney effectively says "Nice Try" to Rudy Giuliani, as Romney's support rockets up more than 50% in a new poll, ousting the former NYC Mayor as the leader of the 2012 GOP field. According to a new CNN poll to be released today, Romney’s numbers improved by 9 points since May, moving from second place, to lead the GOP field with 24%.

Conversely, Giuliani, who ran one of the worst recorded GOP nomination campaigns in 2008, saw his standing as the leader in the May poll, drop a worrisome 25%, moving from first place with 16%, to third place with 12%, in June. 

"The former New York mayor's support dropped four points from 16 percent in late May, putting him third on the list and suggesting that his status as a non-candidate isn't helping him," according to CNN.

Sarah Palin, whose bus tour garnered wide media attention, saw her numbers increase by 7 points, to move into seond place, at 20%, according the new poll. However the poll also shows 44% of the GOP would like Palin to stay on the bus and not get involved in the 2012 campaign.

Romney also leads the field among Conservatives (Romney 28% - Palin 20%) and the Tea Party (Romney 27% - Palin 20%), which is no surprise to supporters of the former Masachusetts Governor. For months, the spin from pundits has been that Romeny has a severe problem getting support from both groups, and yet poll after poll indicate otherwise.
If anything, Tea Partiers and Conservatives seem like people who want to win and reform the government. Clearly they see Romney as the best and most effective candidate to achieve those results.

Candidate     June 3-7        May 24-26

Romney         24%                15%

Palin               20%                13%

Giuliani          12%                16%

Cain               10%                10%

Gingrich         10%                  8%

Paul                 7%                12%

Bachmann      4%                  7%

Pawlenty         3%                  5%

Huntsman       1%                  1%

Santorum        1%                  2%

The Romney/Palin surges seem to come at the expense of nearly everyone else in the field, with the exception of Herman Cain, who retains his 10% of support form May and Newt Gingrich, who rose from 8 to 10%. the poll however will not reflect any collateral damage done to Gingrich when his entoire staff resigned last Thursday, June 9th.

Other interesting thoughts from the polling data include, these from the full CNN story:

"For Romney, his official announcement of his candidacy on June 2 moved him to the top of the GOP list, up nine points from a CNN poll conducted late last month," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "Palin took the opposite tack, acting like a candidate but staying far away from any official declaration, but her well-publicized bus tour from the nation's capital to the Northeast made her share of the GOP vote grow seven points from late May.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee says she's contemplating a White House run, but has not taken any concrete steps toward launching a campaign. Neither has former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who's considering a second bid for the GOP nomination. The poll indicates he has the support of 12 percent of Republicans.
With Giuliani not in the horserace, the poll indicates Romney edges up to 28 percent, with Palin at 23 percent, far ahead of the rest of the field. With Giuliani and Palin not in the horserace, Romney jumps to 35 percent, 19 points ahead of Gingrich.

"Romney has the blessing, and the curse, of inevitability. Forty-two percent of Republicans say that, regardless of whom they support, Romney is the candidate who is most likely to win the Republican nomination next year. That's three times higher than Palin, the next Republican on the list," says Holland.

Do Republicans want to see Giuliani and Palin run?

For Giuliani, the answer is a clear "yes." Two-thirds of Republicans say they would welcome a Giuliani candidacy. There's not as much support for Palin. Fifty-four percent of Republicans say they want to see her run for the nomination, but a sizable 44 percent would prefer to see her remain on the sidelines in 2012.

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Romney is on a roll.

Also take a look at Huntsman. He's going nowhere also.