Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romney rocks T-Paw and Bachmann in MN Poll - SurveyUSA

In a Minnesota SurveyUSA poll released this morning, Mitt Romney continues to solidify his standing as the GOP frontrunner for the 2012 nomination. He leads departing Governor Tim Pawlenty by 6 and MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann by 16, in the state's primary race.

From the poll:

Who would make the best Republican nominee for President? Tim Pawlenty? Ron Paul? Mitt Romney? Michelle Bachmann? Herman Cain? Rick Santorum?Jon Huntsman? Rick Perry? Or Newt Gingrich?

29% Romney
23% Pawlenty
13% Paul
13% Bachmann
4% Cain
1% Santorum
1% Huntsman
2% Perry
3% Gingrich
11% Not Sure

Full story here:

(H/T Joe - Right Speak Chat Box)


Anonymous said...

Doug, thanks for posting this. Kind of puts the lie to Romney being a weak frontrunner.


Anonymous said...


That's got to hurt TPaw.

larry said...

As Rick Perry would sat. "A Prophet is not loved in their home town".

Spenza said...

Martha, right, especially considering T-Paw was a 2 term Governor there and his approval ratings aren't that good. Mitt's approval ratings in the state he was Governor are very high, much higher than the other candidates

BOSMAN said...

I wouldn't be surprised, if before the Iowa caucuses, if Pawlenty is behind in the polls there, he drops out and endorses Romney.

He'll be looking for work after all.