Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Pro-Romney SUPER PAC

H/T Joe
A group of prominent Mitt Romney backers has quietly launched a “super PAC” to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money in support of his bid for the White House, according to organizers and others involved in the effort.
Restore Our Future PAC, spearheaded by several prominent GOP strategists, is the latest in an expanding list of new groups that have formed to take advantage of court rulings allowing corporations, unions and tycoons to spend millions of dollars on elections without restrictions.
.....The new pro-Romney PAC aims to go head-to-head with Priorities USA Action, a similar super PAC led by former White House aides in support of President Obama. But Restore Our Future PAC could also be used to go after other Republicans if necessary in the contentious GOP primary season, those familiar with the operation said. (emphasis mine)
The full Story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I know that many people think allowing Corporations to spend money on ads during elections is bad. However, Unions have always been able to do so; and they almost always support the Democratic Party. I am grateful to see that others can now openly do what Unions have been doing for the last 70 years--support the candidate of their choice for office with their money. Maybe we'll get a little balance, even if we can't stop the Unions from doing their thing!


Revolution 2012 said...

This is how it's done when you're serious about winning the White House.