Friday, June 24, 2011

Dick Morris vs. Tim Pawlenty: Shariah compliant housing loans in Minnesota

...Morris has repeatedly criticized Pawlenty for his state’s Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative, which encouraged firms to substitute fees for interest in their loans — a practice compliant with sharia law.
“I was the one who ordered the program to be shut down,” Pawlenty argues. “Maybe we didn’t act as fast as we could have, but as soon as we knew about it, we shut it down.”
Pawlenty calls Morris “reckless” for saying he is a “lover of sharia law and wants to promote sharia law, blah, blah, blah.” Morris, he continues, “probably has some other agenda,” and it is “offensive” and “absolutely crazy” to make such accusations....
The full story is HERE.

Dick Morris has criticized Pawlenty for a Shariah compliant housing loan program in Minnesota. Now the former Governor says Dick is "reckless" "offensive" and "absolutely crazy". Here's Dick's rebuttal:

SCORE: Morris 1, Pawlenty 0

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Revolution 2012 said...

I have no doubt that Pawlenty knew what the bill did. He just never thought it would come back and bite him.

Maybe he'll just appologize again. That seems to be him MO.

Ann said...

I thought the media was portraying Pawlenty a squeeky clean? There is this and now the cap-and-trade issues coming to light.

Maia Dobson said...

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