Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mitt Romney on the Piers Morgan Show PART 2 (VIDEO 06-07-11)

BTW, If you missed the videos from PART 1, you can view them HERE.

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larry said...

I like the way Romney handled himself in these Morgan interviews.

He was in control the whole time and was very forceful in his convictions.

This is a great demeanor to have for all his future interviews.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Piers needs to learn to let his guests answer the questions he asks, instead of butting in on every 2 seconds.

It doesn't make him look fiesty or smart, just annoying.

He did the same thing with Ann Coulter.

Won't be watching him with any regularity.

Doug NYC GOP said...

As always, Romney and Anne were terrific.

I like that term...Mittfrontation.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree larry. I like Romney when he makes fools out of guys like Morgan and sits back and smiles while he;s doing it.

I can't wait for this type of attitude during the debates.

Anonymous said...

mitt needs to control his frustation that can be seen everytime a question about his mormon beliefs come up. He needs to just laugh it off, not get too defensive about it as you can tell when he starts stuttering. I dont see any harm with him answering as follow " yes my personal beliefs are that homosexuality is a sin" but my own religious beliefs will not influence my decisions as president to promote eqality and fairness and look out for the interests of the american people."

hows that?

BOSMAN said...

Not bad anon,

But then again, you had 24 hours to think about it. Mitt had 2 seconds. I thought his answer was great, and I loved the snark in the delivery to Morgan.

Anonymous said...

LOL yeah i guess ur right...i probably would have just said, next question

Machtyn said...

Anon: You have to realize it was a trap question. Sure the subject was about homosexuality, but the nuance of the question was about his LDS beliefs regarding homosexuality.

If Mitt had answered the question, everyone would have jumped on Mitt and would say he is only going to be beholden to his faith while presiding over the nation. Which is exactly what he says he is not going to do.