Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ignorant Rush Takes On Mitt Romney

(Warning: Video below displays an incredible amount of ignorance)

I have longed argued that Rush Limbaugh is ignorant. It is not because he flunked out of his first year at Southeast Missouri State University. Neither is it necessarily due to his years of speaking in racial code to his knuckle-dragging listeners. No, Rush Limbaugh is ignorant because he quite simply doesn't know anything.

Take his recent slam (see video below) against Romney over climate change. Once again, Romney has, to date, never supported a "big government" proposal on climate change. The only thing that Romney did was agree with the 95% of active climate researchers on human's contribution to climate change. Hilariously, Rush tried to argue that the last few years have revealed that climate change is a hoax. He is, as usual, quite wrong, as evidenced by the nearly unanimous opinion of actual scientists on the subject. But hey, I am sure that Rush learned everything he needs to know about science when he was flunking his freshmen courses at the ivory towers of SMSU.

Now, let me be clear. I have been accused of "looking down" on a certain type of Republican voter. I don't. But I absolutely look down on Rush Limbaugh. He is one step above mental retardation and his only exceptional skill is brainwashing his low-information listeners into believing his delusional worldview.

The funny thing is that Romney represents a sane version of conservatism. And he is currently winning. I understand why Rush feels threatened. I hope that at least the Romney supporters here will begin to realize that Rush is NOT on our side. He wants the Republicans to lose so he can make more money by blasting Obama and making racist comments for another four years. He also makes money by making ignorant statements like the one below. It's what his listeners have come to love and expect. The conservative movement will only succeed when we have managed to diminished the popularity of Rush and his comrades.


Revolution 2012 said...

What that PIECE OF S#%T did, was to take Romney's statement out of context.

Romney went on to say that we need only keep climate change in mind while pursuing our efforts to get off our dependency on foreign oil. But that GLOBAL warming is just that and the USA should not be restricted in our pursuits when countries like China and India are running AMUCK!

Romney's answer was quite extensive and SHIT FOR BRAINS only plays about 20% of it.

Bosman has the video of Romney's answer here. Then fast forward to the 20 minute mark.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Was Rush talking about Romney when he said "Go to Florida and say I'm for never-endoing Social Security?"

I don't recall Romney saying that.

I also laugh when he alludes that the WaPo poll is fixed.

Had Palin come out on top, he's be delighting in self-love glee over how successful her bus trip was.

He's a voice. Certianly a loud and powerfulone. But he is not the only voice.

After all isn't he just an "entaetainer"?

Pablo said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, Doug. When has Romney backed the continuation of the current Social Security system? Rush likes to make things up out of thin air, though, and we all know that he isn't going to read an entire book like Romney's in order to see Mitt's positions.

Doug NYC GOP said...

From Hugh Hewitt:

"The responsible, conservative answer is to review the controversy over the climate change scandals, the majority opinion --that the planet is warming some but we don't know how much, that humans contribute to the warming, but we don't know by how much, and that we don't know if it will be harmful or if there's anything we can do about it-- and a cautious preference for reducing greenhouse gases but not via a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system that cannot work even if it was necessary because the world's biggest emitters aren't buying it nor should they."

Sam from MA said...

Chris Christie on global warming:


Yeah, right. The day Rush puts Christie out to pasture is the day... well... you know

Anonymous said...


What a bunch of cry babies.

Buck up. It's going to be a loooonnng primary.

Massachusetts Conservative said...


"It's real, and we need to do something about it"


Anonymous said...

Classic Rush.

I agree with you that Rush isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. It's pretty obvious. Palin has turned his brain into mush. There's more than one reason he likes her so much--(beyond her sex appeal) they are pretty similar in the IQ dept.

They're both only able to converse in shallow talking points. Neither has the desire nor the inclination to actually dig deeper on the issues. This case about climate change is the perfect example. To hell with the facts.

He also cherry-picks everything to suit his needs for the moment. Taking things out of context is his specialty, unfortunately.

Listen. Rush, in spite of everything the rest of us know, still believes Palin is it. This nonsense about Romney is only going to get worse. He's going to parse and distort everything Romney does from here on out. He's just getting warmed up.

However, I do disagree with you Pablo, when you say Rush wants Republicans to lose so that he can make more money. I honestly believe that Rush is not that cynical. He is wrong, but I do not believe he's so evil that he would want the worst possible outcome in order to make more money. I just don't believe that.


Anonymous said...

Bye bye nomination? Rush, do you really believe the nomination will be won or lost on climate change?

Ha ha ha!

Do you ever stop to listen to yourself?

I find it very troubling that you don't get the gravity of the situation. Who we put up against Obama had better be able to win, and had better be able to do the damn job. That ain't Palin in either category.



Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to Rush for about 2 years now, I guess. Separating myself after listening since 1992, was eye-opening. I'm embarrassed that I listened for so long. Taking a step away caused me to see things that should have been obvious about Rush.

The way he distorts everything to fit his agenda is probably the most glaring. He is, at his core, dishonest in the way he presents material. The truth doesn't matter, only the agenda.


Anonymous said...

Pablo, your "knuckle-dragging" comment about the millions of people who listen to Rush is arrogant and rude. Maybe you are racist, since you hate the people who disagree with you enough to insist that they must be racist. Think about what you are saying before you say it. Millions of Americans are not "racist."

Now, I realize that you are from a Hispanic background, and that is the point of view you have. I will tell you a little story from my childhood and hope it helps you understand that people are not necessarily racist, even if they seem to be. I spent all of my early years in Western States. When I was about 14, there was a big to-do over a western store (or saloon or something) that had a dummy hanging from a gallows in front of it. Apparently, there were many people from the South who found this offensive and racist and insisted that it be removed. This is when I realized that people really do have different cultural perspectives. In the cowboy-western U.S., the people who were hung were thieves. Horse, cattle, or money thieves. As far as any of us know, it had NOTHING to do with race; only behavior. People from the South see a hanging as racist because the people who were lynched were black. I don't BLAME them for their perspective, but labeling everyone who didn't see this hanging image from their perspective as "racist" was wrong. People from different parts of the country see things differently, and even frame their arguments differently. It doesn't make them "racist." Be careful how you approach these situations. You will not win followers; just enemies.


Anonymous said...

Rush is a voice in the republican party, although i disagree with some things he says. He clearly has a "thing" for sarah palin, and i would like to know what he was smoking when he said that barack obama would be terrified and afraid to run against sarah palin. I think its the exact opposite, Obama and his team are praying for palin to win the gop nom, as it will be an easy victory for them. Seems like rush has become victim to sarah palin's *wink*.

BOSMAN said...

Hey Rev,

I think you and I are on the same wavelength.

Pablo said...


I am not hispanic. I am a white guy from TN. And Rush has a long history of making racist comments. Please see the link that I provided. I refer to him as ignorant because he has a history of making ignorant statements as well.

Anonymous said...


I believe that you had said something else about your background; if I got it wrong, I apologize.

I still think you are crazy to label so many Americans "racist." This is a comment that comes from you continually; and not always about Rush (and his listeners), either.