Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mitt Romney, Margaret Thatcher, and worried Americans living abroad.

With the way that President Obama has treated our allies since taking the oath, it's no wonder that Mitt Romney will use this to his advantage.

Romney has adapted a poster and slogan used by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to boost his Republican presidential bid.

Mr Romney is likening President Obama's America to the economic blight that dogged late 1970s Britain.

Here is Romney's poster and explanation from his website:

In 1978, Saatchi and Saatchi, then an up-and-coming advertising agency hired by the British Conservative Party and their campaign for Margaret Thatcher, created a historic political poster depicting the negative economic conditions and the government's failed attempts to correct that path. Labeled the poster of the century by the magazine Campaign, the image pointed to Britain's economic climate of rising unemployment, rising inflation, and a large and growing national debt. Those conditions and the public discontent throughout the country during that election and the parallels that Americans face today cannot be ignored. With unemployment rising from 3.6% in 1974 to 5.3% in 1979, the British knew there was a problem. Now, America faces 9.1% unemployment, record deficits, a soaring national debt, and millions of struggling families. One thing is clear – Obama isn't working, either.
Romney, is also heading to London for a fundraiser:
Romney, in the midst of a money-raising push, is planning to travel across the pond for a July 6 fundraiser.
Held at the upscale Dartmouth House near Hyde Park, the fundraiser will be co-chaired by financial heavy hitters like Raj Bhattacharyya, managing director at Deutsche Bank, hedge fund manager Louis Bacon, and Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets.
"There is a lot of interest in this election among Americans living abroad who, like everyone else, are worried about what the weak economy and lack of jobs means for our status in the world.
The event will cost attendees, $2,500 a pop.

It looks like President Obama has some HEAVY COMPETITION in the Fund Raising Department.

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cindy said...

Good for Mitt.

I hope it's not to late to repair our image with our allies. Obama really has been working hard to detroy it.

Diane Siriani said...

Very Intense!

jenny rain said...

I'm not against anybody; I just felt the campaign creates a huge impact upon people’s perspective. See how prostration and negative feedbacks arise.

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jasmin rio said...

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