Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mitt Romney: Campaining in NH the morning after the debate (VIDEO)

He won the debate. What better way to follow that up than with a breakneck morning tour of diners and shops along I-93? A bit after 8:20 a.m., a jeans-and-checked-shirt-clad Mitt Romney strode into Blake's Restaurant in Manchester and started shaking hands. He'd zero in on a table with an empty seat or two. He'd settle in. He'd ask a few questions about voters' lives. He'd get up, go to another table, repeat. Reporters trailed him every inch of the way.

"What do you do?" asked Romney at the first table.

"I'm a postal worker," answered the first diner.

"Ah, terrific! That's why you've got a good tan. But you're not out there walking the streets, are you?"

"I walk all day long."

"Do you really? You don't get of those fancy trucks with the steering wheel on the wrong side?"

"No," said the postal worker. "That's why I look like this. Like you. In shape!"

Romney chuckled and pressed on.

"So, you're about 55 years old? Are you thinking about retiring?"

"Do I have to?"

"Hah!" laughed Romney. "No. Are you required, by the way? Is there a retirement age required?"

"No, we just had a guy retire aged 86."

"Wow! So why quit early?

"I don't know. Maybe it's life! I don't know."
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Here Romney took to the streets of Derry, NH where he answered questions about his debate performance and what it will take to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent interview by Mitt.
He clearly is focused on Obama and the economy.

Noelle said...

The interview was better than the debate.

Anonymous said...

Why do reporters feel compelled to provide a day-by-day update on what Mitt Romney is wearing? Is it really newsworthy? Are they just psychophants, or something devious? And why is it only to Mitt that this strange tendency is aimed?

I love how Mitt has been talking "above the fray" with his rhetoric and demeanor, refusing to take bait to attack his fellow republicans. He appears very confident, and capable, especially in this interview, which I consider one of his best. I feel with this approach he is already assuming the leadership role of the GOP, already appearing presidential, and extremely electable.


Anonymous said...

Bosman, this was fantastic. This is the real Mitt that I hope everyone in America gets to see. No one in our field can come close to doing a Q/A like this.

No one in our field is as prepared for the presidency as Romney is, and it showed in this interview. He makes an undeniable case for his experience.

I'm glad he pointed out that other people can say the right words, but it doesn't mean they have the experience or knowledge to do the job. Romney's worked like no other to prepare himself, and in a roundabout way, he's actually been preparing for it all of his life.


Revolution 2012 said...

Romney is really confident in this interview.

I agree, this is one of his best off the cuff interviews.