Monday, June 20, 2011

John Ziegler Challenges Talk Radio

Great news! Today, I found out that John Ziegler, hardcore Palin defender for so long, has been secretly reading my writings here at Right Speak. I had no idea! Just kidding.

Anyway, an interesting video below of him making some very obvious points about Palin and talk radio. He says that the conservative media is invested in the Republicans losing the presidency in 2012. Again, obvious points. But my favorite is his challenge to his critics. He says he is willing to bet $1,000 to anybody who thinks that Palin will become President in 2012. Hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Pablo, I'm still not convinced that conservative media truly wants Obama re-elected. It's a bridge too far for me. Maybe one of the reasons is that over the years, it doesn't seem to matter which party is in power, they seem to thrive. But who really knows.

In theory, I can see how it would be true, but only if they are devoid of any sort of morality or character. While I think many of them are pretty low, I'm not ready to go that far.


Anonymous said...

Side note: I despise Ziegler. He's a real creep, IMO. He latched onto the Palins, and exaggerates his connection to them. This man is a real piece of work.

While they did have some association with him, I believe it was a lot more limited than he claims--surely they figured out pretty fast that he's a loser. I wouldn't be surprised if many of his stories are made up out of whole cloth. Todd calling him in May about working for her campaign? DOUBT IT.

But I do believe a lot of what he says about her is true, it's pretty basic info that we all figured out.


BOSMAN said...

I mean, these talk radio folks have to make a living.

I read that flushed hippo, lost 30% of his viewers in the past 6 months.

If Obama is not re-elected, what will they talk about for 4 years?

Anonymous said...

Pablo, some of your posts are so stupid that I won't even try to argue. This is one of them.


Machtyn said...

John Zeigler got a break in my area doing the morning radio show. He didn't last long and was thrown out on a rail because he was being a real grade-A jerk.

It's interesting to see he hasn't changed much. I do think he made an interesting documentary of the media's love for Obama. But he is a creep that loves to hyper-exaggerate undercurrents.

ConMan said...

I think there may be a little of what you said with some of the radio jocks but not all.

I think Limbaugh might be in that group. But someone like Laura Ingraham or Don Imus are not.