Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey Rush! Here's Chris Christie and Sarah Palin on Global Warming (VIDEOS)

Mitt Romney has some company when it comes to Global Warming. Lets hear Rushbo BAD MOUTH Sarah Palin and Chris Christie!

It's to bad Rush took Romney's statement out of context when he claimed Romney's chances in 2012 were over. You only hear about 20% of Romney's statement. Romney continued to say that Global warming is something to KEEP IN MIND but that it should not interfere with America's pursuits especially in light of countries like China, Brazil, and India who are the biggest contributors.

Romney also spoke about it in terms of getting America off the dependency of Foreign oil. He wants us to be able to drill here and also utilize other forms of energy sources like clean coal and Gas.

Rushbo didn't play that part of his statement. You can view Romney's FULL STATEMENT on global warming HERE. (You will need to fast forward to the 20:00 minute mark to hear it.)

And NOW, for the MAIN EVENT:


Are they both toast like Mitt Romney?


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Massachusetts Conservative said...

Thanks for posting these Bosman.

Let's hope a caller challenges RUSH!!!



Anonymous said...

If anybody thinks for one second that people dont contribute to global warming, get the hell outta here!!!!!

ann said...

Bosman, This is a big story. Is there some way of getting this information out to the general public?

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Bosman.


Anonymous said...

I pointed this out on C4P when i saw a comment attacking romney on global warming, i even posted the video where palin says humans contribute to global warming, the response was to "cut her some slack" because she was a VP and had to pretend to support john mccains policy. LOL something just wasnt right about that.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I didn't see you had this up while I was prepping on the same subject. I'll hold off on mine so nt to step on yours. It's in draft right now.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Sarah Palin ON RECORD supporting CAP AND TRADE in 2008 VP debate!!!!!!!!

She's DONE!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bosman, I'm glad you got the ball rolling on this today. You're always so quick on your feet!


Anonymous said...

Everybody sane matures their standpoints based on current science or against consensus. Palin made a enviromental taskforce to _practially_ confront any climate-change, and was obligated to follow McCains policies under the VP run. That is called keeping your promises. Palin in her own capacity with more science evidence _against_ manmade changes, shows maturity and states that she is not convinced there is significant manmade contributions. She sees the political leftist-aganda, and correctly reacts against it.

Anonymous said...