Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charles Krauthammer on Sarah Palin's chances in 2012

H/T Martha
FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer gives his take on what a "Washington establishment elitist" thinks of a potential Sarah Palin run for the presidency. In self-deprecating fashion, Krauthammer says he wears Palin's "hoity-toity" comment as a badge of honor.

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Anonymous said...

I agreed with everything he said. Palin does have smart political instincts. But she also refuses to become prepared on the issues. She's an inch deep--just enough to get by with short sound bites. That ain't gonna cut it, no matter how strong appealing her persona is.


Noelle said...

I did not have a problem with McCain selecting Palin for VP. I actually thought it strengthened the ticket - gave it a vitality and energy that it lacked. But since the McCain/Palin ticket lost, my issue with Palin is that she has not done anything to fill in the gaps in her knowledge of national and international affairs. She relies on soundbites that are pleasing to the ear, but lack substance.

Frankly, her meeting with Donald Trump sunk her in my opinion. To a lesser extent I didn't like her stepping on Mitt's toes in New Hampshire today. That may have lacked class, but her lack of judgment in seeking out Donald Trump is a fatal flaw in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Palin is not running, unless she is flat out lying to FOX. She has done far more to pursue a campaign than Huck ever did--including meeting with NH Republicans today, and they gave him the ultimatum. Yesterday, in the midst of a what looks an awful lot like a campaign, FOX reaffirmed her status.

She is simply continuing to get the attention she craves, at the expense of everything and everyone. BULL IN CHINA SHOP STYLE.

She also may have an endorsement for Perry in the works, and is helping him by attacking Romney.

Go for it! Perry won't go anywhere, and Palin is at best a mixed blessing for any candidate.


Revolution 2012 said...

Charles is SPOT ON!