Thursday, June 30, 2011

CBN's David Brody on Palin's Visit to Pella, Iowa

CBN News Chief Political Correspondent, David Brody reported on Sarah Palin's visit to Pella, Iowa. The following is a great video, which includes interviews with Iowa residents and clips of Palin interacting with the crowd in front of the Pella Opera Center. A conversation she had with a young boy in a wheelchair was especially heartwarming.

Read the article HERE

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Massachusetts Conservative said...

Palin looks strikingly similar to my sister.

It's kinda creepy.

BOSMAN said...

Hi RW,

I hope if she's going to get in, she does it soon before Bachmann gets to much of an advantage in Iowa.

Perry may also decide to stay out if she's in.

I'll put it another way, if it came down to Palin, Bachmann, or Perry, Palin would get my vote!

Right Wingnut said...


I find it odd that so many folks who dismissed Bachmann as a kook (including her campaign manager) a short time ago are now claiming Bachmann is the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here.

I'm Bachmanned out...just like I was Trumped out a few weeks ago.

Keeping a low profile probably isn't such a bad strategy for Mitt.

Perhaps Palin is delaying an announcement to avoid the 24/7 coverage that would enevitably ensue. She gets press anytime she wants. What difference does it make if she's an official candidate. Having said that, she probably needs to get in by the end of July.

Right Wingnut said...

Most people I know here in Minnesoa think Bachmann is nuts. Yes, they vote for her because she votes the conservative line, but I do not know many who support her for president. I only know of two. One of them is a friend of hers. The other would switch to Palin.

I'm finding that many folks here in Minnesota are disenchanted in the field to be honest. I had a discussion with three conservative friends a few days ago about Bachmann and the field. One of them wants Christie to run, the second would vote for Palin but doesn't think she can win, and the third is now squarely in Palin's corner after two years of scepticism about her electability. They all laugh at Bachmann.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the majority of Americans think Palin and Bachmann are nuts. Interesting Sarah she realizes she must spin against the pervasive “all about Sarah” narrative. But do you think repeating “It’s not about me” is going to suddenly change many minds, transform the public perception all the way to Sarah the Selfless?

Wingnut..have you sent Sarah $100 for your "Defeated" DVD? She needs more PAC money for her next family vacation.