Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WMUR/UNH Poll: Mitt Romney with 25 point lead over second place Donald Trump in NH

H/T CraigS
"I’m going to read you the names of the candidates who are either running or considering running for the Republican nomination. If the Republican primary for president were held today, which of the following would you support for the Republican nomination … Michelle Bachmann … Haley Barbour … Mitch Daniels … Newt Gingrich … Rudy Giuliani … Mike Huckabee … Gary Johnson … Sarah Palin … Ron Paul … Tim Pawlenty … Mitt Romney … Rick Santorum … Donald Trump … John Huntsman … Mitch Daniels … or someone else?" RANDOMIZE CANDIDATES
Mitt Romney 36%
Donald Trump 11%
Rudy Giuliani 7%
Mike Huckabee 6%
Ron Paul 6%
Sarah Palin 4%
Newt Gingrich 4%
Michele Bachman 4%
Tim Pawlenty 2%
Mitch Daniels 2%

These findings are based on the latest WMUR Granite State Poll,∗ conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. Eight hundred ninety-seven (897) randomly selected New Hampshire adults were interviewed by telephone between April 15 and May 2, 2011. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 3.3%. Included in the sample were 416 likely 2012 Republican Primary voters (margin of sampling error +/- 4.8%) and 303 likely 2012 Democratic Primary voters (margin of sampling error +/- 5.6%).

The crosstabs can be viewed here.

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BOSMAN said...

This is the 3rd recent poll in NH where Romney blows everyone else away.