Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tim Pawlenty: R.I.P.

Perhaps in an effort to give their home town favorite Presidential candidate MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, 'St. Paul Pioneer Press', decided to place Tim Pawlenty's Presidential announcement on Monday morning's Obituary Page:

You all know you check those pages first. RIGHT?


Anonymous said...


I'm sure Pawlenty is a decent fellow, but I don't think he will catch real fire. One reason is, the purists are just now starting to google him and find out that he was a pretty moderate governor. The position adjustments came fast and furious. Another is that his persona screams phony--at least to me. I find nothing inspiring about the man, even though he may say all the right things. The fake southern accent was a real whopper.

He has some superficial similarities to Romney, both pretty good governors with the same mild-mannered appeal. Some say he's Romney-lite, but that would have to be pretty heavy on the lite. Tim has no private sector success to speak of. I guess a lot of people who are hyping him now think he's the man, but I don't know what in the world they are basing it on. IMO, he can't meet the expectations.

I hear the rumblings that he will appeal to evangelicals mainly because of his wife's association with some important evangelical leader. If we're back to that sort of nonsense, heaven help us. I do believe the religious right who were so indignant about Romney changing positions on a few issues, will have no problem overlooking T-Paws.


Closer To Home said...

Saw this joke today.

Once, Pawlenty spoke at a fireside chat. And the fire went out.

It's going to be hard to live down that meme, without becoming inauthentically exciting/inspiring.

BOSMAN said...

It's funny Ric, but if you look at the current candidates, other than Cain, they are all way ahead of Romney in the DULL/unexciting DEPARTMENT.

I don't believe it's that important as much as it is interesting.

kelly said...

Tim Pawlenty really does nothing for me. For some reason, he reminds me of Wally Cleaver.