Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mitt Romney to give major Health Care Address

Mitt Romney is scheduled to give a major health care address Thursday in Michigan. Complete with PowerPoint presentation, Romney will "lay out plan to repeal and replace Obamacare". The presentation is scheduled at 2PM ET at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center in Ann Arbor.

Here is Mark Halperin's take:
By putting out a detailed plan well before any of his opponents, Romney has his best chance to move the conversation from the past to the future.
Read Halperin's full comments HERE.
The speech is designed to explain how, as president, he would repeal President Barack Obama's national health care overhaul that is similar to an effort Romney helped implement in Massachusetts.
Aides say Romney will outline a health overhaul that would give states the responsibility to take care of the poor, uninsured and ill. He is also going to offer a plan that would give patients a tax deduction if they buy their own health insurance.
Read more HERE.

UPDATE: Romney's PAC sends over the outline:
Mitt Romney's 2012 Principles for Healthcare Reform:
  • Restore to the states the responsibility and resources to care for their poor, uninsured, and chronically ill.
  • Give a tax deduction to those who buy their own health insurance, just like those who buy it through their employers.
  • Streamline the federal regulation of healthcare.
  • Reduce the influence of lawsuits on medical practice and costs.
  • Make healthcare more like a consumer market and less like a government program.
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Anonymous said...

yes!!! i hope the media will give him credit for his plan instead of giving another candidate credit when they steal it!!!

Cindy said...

this is great news. Romney is always a step ahead of the others.

ConMan said...

I was hoping something like this was coming. My hunch was right.

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!

What will the others whine about now!

Romney 2012!


kelly said...

I'm sure this will be a well thought out plan.

This is where Romney's business and Turn around experience will shine.

Mitt Romney in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Smart move. I'm delighted to see this. I hope Romney talks a lot about MassCare, too.


RW if you are out there--looks like Romney is not backing down from the executive order on day one.

Anonymous said...

Separating the men from the boys. It will be interesting to see how the other candidates react. Throwing bombs isn't going to cut it--they each need their own comprehensive plan to deal with ObamaCare / healthcare in general.


Lisa said...

What a bold move.
Romney is really taking the bull by it's horns here.

Miami, Florida said...

Pretty ballsy, I am impressed and a little concerned of the outcome of this important HealthCare Address......WE need a HOMERUN! ....Romney / 2012

Doug NYC GOP said...

I like the adjectives used today by the commenters: Bold, smart, great and BALLSY!!!

In business we always turn a negative into a positive. We don't keep bashing ourselves because something went awry or didn't turn out as planned. If it's broke, we fit it.

As someone mentioned earlier, this is a great oppurtunity for Romney to display his natural talents. Tackling problems, developing solutions is the mark of a real leader.

Anyone can toss out bumper sticker slogans, talk tough at town halls and proclaim the sky is falling. Showing the way is what people od substance do.

Right Wingnut said...

I wouldn't use adjectives like "ballsy" around here. Some might take offense to that kind of "crass" language.

I'm interested to hear what he has to say. He's certainly going out on limb, but he doesn't have a choice. Allahpundit of Hot Air has a good piece on this.

Anonymous said...

This announcement sends a thrill up my leg.

corep said...

by doing this Romney regains control of the dialogue. He dictates the playing field. Good move for sure.

His retort to any other candidate that asks him in a debate will be i told you what i would do about it on May 12th. What is your plan, or do you not have a plan?

RW is right that he has to address this, but doing it this way gets the basketball back in his court, it also takes the spotlight off of Gringich announcement that he is running on wednesday. Shrewd play all around

Revolution 2012 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Revolution 2012 said...

I Remember reading on one of the Bain posts about Romney's analytical skills. The comment mentioned that Romney loved and was in his element when it came to PowerPoint presentations.

I'm looking for and expecting a Homerun!

Anonymous said...

I gotta hand it to Mitt, he's not letting news of a Daniels or a Gingrich candidacy slow him down any, in fact he ups it to ramming speed! It reminds me of in the last cycle, and how he confronted issues surrounding his mormon faith head-on with a dynamic speech Faith in America (funny how his candidacy has come full circle to Believe in America, which is essentially the same thing). The bottom line is, except for Daniels, no one can speak with authority on this topic like Mitt can, and I expect perhaps the most important speech of his political career to be detailed, thoughtful, effective, and hopefully, rousing. It has to be.

Anonymous said...

RW, it's not going out on a limb, if you have no choice. Certainly he has many choices.

He can fall into the lame trap set for him, and apologized like T-Paw and his stupid clunker talk. He could keep going down the road he's on now, and hope the issue takes a back seat to the economy and jobs--which it pretty much has already done.

I'm glad he's taking healthcare head on. This is the kind of leader he is. He's NOT sorry for MassCare, nor should he be. What he is is honest about it--a quality that some believe he's incapable of even as he demonstrates it time and time again. This is proactive, and lays out a challenge for the rest of the field. They are going to have to do a whole lot more than point fingers.


Doug NYC GOP said...

T-Paw's lame talk about owning up to a mistake is not impressive at all. It makes him looklike he is trying to slip one past the goalie.

Nice guy, but please.

Daniels is another one. Nice guy, smart. But do you want to be President or just be discussed on the editorial pages?

For God's sake, have your wife decide already.

Right Wingnut said...

Doug, The thing about the wife is just a stall tactic IMO. There's not much of an incentive to jump in yet.

bob said...

I read the Romney will not dwell on Romneycare, but will finally point out what he would have done differently.

He will not apologize for Romneycare.

Right Wingnut said...


Where did you read that he will "point out what he would have done differently?"

bob said...

Sorry Right Wingnut,

I tried to remember the site but I've read so many articles on it today that I don't remember.

Anonymous said...

Martha, everything about Pawlenty from that debate seems fake. I think Mitt's "stiff" meme has a new holder.

I think Willard should go into detail about what led him to Romneycare, the rationale. I like his explaining in simple terms that for those who don't pay into the system and don't have money to pay for their treatments, they already receive socialized medicine at our expense. He could go the compassionate route that he wanted to do something to redirect the wasted monies to make them work more efficiently for people who needed it. He was not evil or maniacal in his reasoning. I wish he'd explain that reasoning more often, and use it to buoy whatever tweeks to his original plan he'd like to make to make it more palatable.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Bob/RWN: Was it here?


Closer To Home said...

If we assume that this is Mitt's largest perceived weakness and that other candidates will try to leverage it (whether you think that is "going negative" or just critiquing someone's record) for their own benefit, then Mitt has two options:
1) continue to give soft answers and hope the issue dies eventually - probably won't happen and deprives him of the chance to form the race offensively and to get on to his real points, or
2) go on the offensive by getting it all out there early and then move the discussion to the economy, taxes, and spending.

He's obviously choosing option 2. It will paint a different kind of target on his back in that others can now also attack the new plan. As far as the old plan, he can deflect continued questions back to May 12th.

It is the bolder of the 2 options, but probably no choice IF you want to take the offensive. And that's the exciting part.

Closer To Home said...

The other exciting part is what we are beginning to see as a scripted run up to an announcement.

May 12 - Healthcare Address
May 16 - Las Vegas Kick Off Fund Raiser
May 17-31 - Serial regional fund raising events
May 25 - South Carolina
May 27 - Iowa
June 3 - Faith and Freedom Conference
June 5 - NH Debate

And somewhere in there, he will schedule an official announcement.

The patient and understated Romney "invisible campaign" of 2009 and 2010 is about to give way to a very imposing public campaign to convince America that he is the right person to lead us into out of this mess we're in.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps somehow Romney will relate what was wrong with Romneycare as to what he is proposing differently on May 12.

Another words, we learned this from the MA plan and realized that it would be better to do this and that differently because....

Anonymous said...

Pawlenty is a pussy. He had the chance to go after romney during the debate but didnt. He either is chicken shit or hes trying to be Romney's VP.

Anonymous said...

The challenge for Romney right now is obviously winning the Republican nomination; however, the MA healthcare plan is not such a downer to the general voting public at large. Many, many independents want something competent done about health care, and they won't be unhappy that Romney has dealt with it in Massachusetts. In fact, they may like that about him.

I think this is a bold move, and it will help give people (and the press, hopefully) something different to talk about than the perceived Romney/Obama healthcare link that the White House has manufactured, and the press has continued.

Romney, as "Mr. Fix-It," has never been needed more. Let's hope he can make his case well enough to the people to convince them how much we need to do to get back to prosperity. And how much he can do to help us get there!


Anonymous said...

RW, thank you for recognizing how many of us appreciate appropriate vocabulary. My parents taught us that bad language was the sign of a poor vocabulary. Anonymous at 12:23 should remember that, as well. Surely we can come up with more descriptive and appropriate ways to express ourselves!


Anonymous said...


I dont have a poor vocabulary, I just used the most descriptive words that would describe tim pawlenty.

Anonymous said...

MikeZ- I hope he explains RomneyCare, too. He needs to explain the facts, and deal with the misconceptions. It has the potential to make him look defensive, but I think he needs to do more than he has previously done.